Last one for school. Hate doing these every year and our teacher wanted us to write about something deep, but somehow it became about books? I hate talking about myself anyways, so... win-win?

I Am

I am clever and curious

I wonder about what's behind the words

I hear the pages flipping

I see dust land on the shelves

I want to see the worlds hidden between hard covers

I am clever and curious

I pretend I'm part of the story

I feel alive and adventurous

I tough the distant horizon

I worry I can't get past the obstacles

I cry when mysteries are unsolved

I am clever and curious

I understand heroes can't always win

I say, "every problem has a solution"

I dream that there is a happily ever after

I try to root for characters that have unlimited quips

I hope my life will have its own heroes and plot twists

I am clever and curious