March of the White Knights

(Warning: This poem contains satire and you'll need humor to enjoy it)

Stop! You vain disgraceful twit!

Or I will draw my blade

I would advise you now to quit

For when I start to type my shit

It's already too late

You called my girl a meanie name

And oh, the price you'll pay

Forever you'll be filled with shame

The shitstorm that, after me, came

Will never go away

Shut up you fool! I did have have sex!

And very steamy too!

What do you mean you want the facts?

And you're the one that should relax!

My words were good and true

I am not desperate, I'm just nice!

And not that that is bad!

I will inform you more than twice

In crazy stories filled with spice

Of all the sex I had

I love free speech! I really do!

But you just went too far

This concept of "Honest review"

This thing to me is strangely new

I find it quite bizarre

For my lady is good and pure!

So her work should be, too

You're just jealous and insecure!

You wish that you were her, I'm sure

Go and write something new!

I'm an expert on women's rights

And find you a disgrace

You should't love women in tights

And as a man I know my plights

To love women with space

Valuing beauty gets me pissed

Of crimes it's worst of all

For when the young girls read your lists

They'll feel ashamed and slit their wrists!

And then it's all your fault!

And no, Anita is not lame!

She's a trustworthy source

Of info on the crimes of games

These filthy men are all the same

Except for me, of course