Note: I am reposting this story since in the past I did have some repeated chapters in this story so I thought I'd try to clean it up a bit. I hope you all enjoy it even if this is the first of the series. Also note Potsie Webber is from the classic TV show, Happy Days and Velma in the classic cartoon Scooby Doo.

"You're spending the afternoon here with us till your mother and brother come to pick you up," Krystal told Alan.

"All right," Alan said.

Krystal sent Alan to time out for the rest of the day. Alan sure didn't like that one bit. Krystal knew when Stephanie was coming over with Scott, so he didn't want to call her at the office about Alan's being in trouble.

Stephanie dropped Scott off at their next – door neighbors' house for dinner that night.

"I'll pick him up at seven," Stephanie said to the Smiths.

"All right, Stephanie. How is Alan?" Kristin asked.

"Fine. I'm going to pick him up now at my cousin – in – laws' house," she said.

She left the Smiths' house and drove over to Krystal's house. She found Krystal in the living room, watching TV with Priscilla, but didn't see a sign of Alan.

She rang the doorbell. Priscilla got up to answer the door. A beautiful woman for her fifties, Krystal still had the looks that told people she was starting to show gray hair. She had her long, blonde hair that was shoulder length, pruple pants and shirt that matched. She had always liked to wear shoes that matched her outfit. She did wear purple shoes and socks.

"Hi, Stephanie," Krystal said.

"Hi. I came over to pick up Alan."

"He's here," Krystal said.

"Where is he?" Stephanie asked.

"In trouble. Let him tell you what happened," Krystal said.

"If he's in trouble, why didn't you or the school call me?" Stephanie asked.

"We thought we would wait until you came over to pick him up," Krystal said.

Krystal was at the bottom of the stairs and called Alan to come down.

So Alan did what he was told. He opened the bedroom door and closed it when he came out. He sure didn't like Krystal that day because Krystal made him stay in time out all day that day.

"Yes?" Alan called from the top of the stairs.

"Your mother's here to pick you up," Krystal called back.

Alan came down the stairs.

"You tell your mother now what you did at school," Krystal told Alan angrily.

"What did you do, Alan?" Stephanie asked.

"Nothing," Alan said.

"It doesn't sound like nothing. Why did I send you to your room for the day, Alan? It's a punishment," Krystal said.

"A punishment? Elvis, what is going on here? We're not leaving until Alan tells me what he did," Stephanie said.

"That's a good idea," Krystal said.

"Mom, I don't want to talk about it. I just want to go home," Alan said.

"You're going to talk about it right here now, like it or not. We're not leaving until you spit it out," Krystal told him in a tone of voice people didn't like.

"Sit," Stephanie told Alan.

They sat down on the couch instead of the stairs. Alan took his time on telling Stephanie what happened at school that day. She sure didn't like what happened.

"You're grounded for the rest of the school year, Alan Christopher Presley," Stephanie told Alan.

"Your punishment starts the minute we get home. Your father's not going to like this kind of news when I tell him what's going on," Stephanie said.

"Don't tell Dad, Mom," Alan said.

"I will. We'll even talk about your punishment," Stephanie said.

They came into the house as soon as the phone was ringing. It turned out to be Roger. Stephanie was making dinner for herself and Alan when she was talking to Roger. Scott was doing his homework upstairs while she and Alan ate. She told Roger how the boys were doing and told what happened that day with Alan. He sure didn't like that.

"I guess we'll have to talk about his punishment now, Stephanie. How long is he suspended?" Roger asked.

"Krystal was saying he's suspended for the rest of the school year. I grounded him for that period of time. Does that sound fair to you?" Stephanie asked.

"Yes, it does," Roger said.

They talked about Alan's punishment the whole time. Stephanie was agreeing to everything Roger was saying.

"Talk to your father, Alan. It's about your punishment, so listen very carefully. He's going to say it only one time," Stephanie said to Alan and handed him the phone.

"Alan, your mother told me what happened at school today. That was naughty of you to do that. You should have stayed out of it and be a good boy," Roger said, "but us Presleys don't get into fights."

"Was Krystal mad at you, too?" Roger asked.

"Well, Alan, Krystal had a right to be mad at you. Who picked you up at school today? Mom?" Roger asked.

"No. Mrs. Cunningham did. Mom was working," Alan said.

"Okay. How did Elvis punish you?" Roger asked.

"He sent me to my room for the rest of the day. I hated that."

"That's how you get punished by us adults, Alan. I will tell you your punishment now, but only one time, so listen carefully."

Roger told him what it was.

"Dad, no!" Alan said.

"Sorry, Alan, that's what it is until the end of the school year. You can't even play with your friends or go to their houses, either. No TV, either. We will take your phone messages for you. We'll tell Scott to take the messages as well," Roger said.

"Dad, don't do this to me!" Alan said, hating his punishment already.

"We will double up your chores as well. You will do both your and Scott's chores for your punishment."

"Dad, isn't this quite enough?" Alan asked, still hating the punishment.

"During the day when your mother is working and Scott's at school, you will be with Elvis and Priscilla. Got that? You tell your mother what I told you for your punishment."


"Let me talk to your mother again. I know we just talked about your punishment, but I want you to repeat it to her," Roger told Alan.


Then Roger and Alan said good – bye as Alan handed Stephanie the phone.

"Dad wants to talk to you again," Alan said.

"Okay. Go into the living room and I'll be there in a minute," Stephanie said.

Alan did as he was told. Stephanie and Roger got off the phone and Stephanie got into the living room as she finished doing the dinner dishes.

"What did your father tell you about your punishment, Alan?" Stephanie asked him.

"Dad told me to tell you what it was, and I don't want to, but you two talked it out, he said," Alan said.

"Right. What did he tell you?" Stephanie asked.

Alan told her.

"Mom, it's murder," Alan said.

"Maybe for the kids who are being punished, but not for the ones who aren't," Stephanie said.

"Did you get punished like that?" Alan asked.

"No. I would get punished more times than Uncle Henry and Uncle Arthur," Stephanie said.

"Why?" Alan asked.

Stephanie told about her punishment when she was sixteen years old and Potsie and Velma found out she was pregnant with Mary Lou. Alan liked that story.

"I was punished big time that year," Stephanie said.

"What did Grandma and Grandpa do to you back then?" Alan asked.

"It was something terrible, but I don't remember. It was a long time ago. I didn't even tell Mom and Dad who the father was. I still didn't after my punishment was over," Stephanie said.

"Who was the father, Mom? Sixteen's a little young," Alan said.

"Not for me, it wasn't. I was already in love and wanted to get married and drop out of high school," Stephanie said.

Stephanie told Alan the boyfriend's name was Jack.

"Jack, huh? Is he still around?" Alan asked.

"You bet he is. I run into him every once in a while. He's been asking about Mary Lou, but I told him what happened to her, but I even told him that I had a son when she was younger and his name is Merlin. I wish I still had those two now. I have no idea where they are. They are older than you and Scott," Stephanie said.

"It does around this house, Alan. The reason we don't have an animal is because your father is allergic and has asthma. That's a big problem. He's had allergies and asthma since he was five years old. If you or Scott try to bring an animal home, your father will have a problem with that," Stephanie told Alan

"Right," Stephanie said.

She showed him a picture of Mary Lou and Merlin.

"They look nothing like you, Mom."