When Roger came home from the football game, he stayed home with Stephanie and the boys. He wasn't very happy about Alan's being suspended from

school for the rest of the year. The next day had arrived pretty fast. Roger was staying home with Alan and when Scott came home from school that day, the boys were playing one of their favorite games, which was doctor. Roger was watching TV, but let the boys play in the playroom. Scott had gotten hold of Roger's medications and inhaler when Roger wasn't looking. Then he heard giggling from the playroom.

He knew it was almost time to take his medications, but nobody was there to supervise him, so he called Elvis and see if he could help him on taking the medications. Elvis said he would be there in a few minutes. Roger tried looking for the inhaler and the medicine, but couldn't find them. He went into the playroom to see if the boys had seen them.

"Alan, Scott, have you seen my medications or my inhaler?" Roger asked.

"What's an inhaler?" Scott asked, not understanding what Roger meant.

Roger explained it to the boys.

They still didn't understand. He found the medications and inhaler in front of the boys.

"You two better not take any of the medicines, or you'd be in trouble. The medicine isn't for you two at all," Roger said, taking the medications and inhaler away.

He asked the boys if they had taken any of the medications.

"Alan did. He swallowed every one of those," Scott said.

"That does it. You kids are in trouble for playing with these. I'm going to tell your mother about this when she gets home."

Then he heard a burp from Alan. "What do you say?" Roger asked.

"Excuse me, Dad."

Roger saw that Kristin had just arrived.

"You two stay here. You don't touch these anymore. Get it?" Roger asked, showing them the medications and inhaler.

He closed the door of the playroom. Roger opened the door so Kristin could get in.

"Hi, Elvis. I have some troublemakers," Roger said.

"What happened?"Kristin asked.

"Before you drove up, the boys were playing in the playroom and somehow they got hold of these," Roger said, showing her the medications and inhaler.

"Did they take any of the medications?" Kristin asked.

"Scott was saying Alan took every one of all the medications. What are we going to do now?" Roger asked.

"I don't know. We'll go through the bottles now and see what's left."

They sat in the kitchen and Kristin went through the bottles. All the bottles were empty.

"Those kids are trouble, Roger. I'll talk to the doctor and see if we can get more," Kristin said.

"What am I going to do without medicine?" Roger asked.

"I don't know. Let me call the doctor now. She might have an idea," Kristin said, getting on the phone.

She talked with the doctor for a few minutes, and then got off.

"We're going to see her first thing tomorrow about the medicine, Roger. Eight o'clock is the appointment," Kristin said.

"Are we going to tell Stephanie about this, Kristin?" Roger asked.

"She'll know about it."

"Stephanie and I will talk about putting Scott into a punishment sometime tonight."

"I'll stay here until Stephanie comes home, and she'll hear about this," Kristin said.

"Don't you think she should go with me tomorrow morning about this medication business?" Roger asked.

"No. Let her go to work and I'll take care of it, since I made the call."

"Okay, Kristin. Katherine would probably do the same if she were here and saw the whole thing," Roger said, knowing his sister.

"Are you going to tell your sisters about this?" Kristin asked.

"If I do, they'd think it was my fault for letting the boys do this kind of thing," Roger said.

"Where you watching the children when this happened?" Kristin asked.

"No. I was watching TV."

Kristin stayed until Stephanie came home at five o'clock that afternoon.

"Hi, Kristin. Hi, Roger, honey," Stephanie said, giving Roger a kiss.

"Mind if we talk to you alone, Stephanie?" Kristin asked.

"Sure. What is it about?" Stephanie asked.

"Roger's medications."

Krisitn explained what happened earlier that afternoon.

"Roger, were you watching the children when this happened?" Stephanie asked.

"No. I was in here, watching TV," Roger said.

"Who took your medications?" Stephanie asked.

"Alan did. Scott told me."

"They're not supposed to be playing with the inhaler and medications. I'll speak to those boys about this," Stephanie said.

"Roger and I are going to the doctor first thing tomorrow about getting more medications," Kristin said.

"Okay," Stephanie said.

Later that night, Scott talked to Roger about the upcoming field trip to the zoo that was on Friday.

"Dad, the teacher was saying that it's your turn to chaperone the class," Scott said.

"Where are you going again?" Roger asked.

"Field trip to the zoo," Scott said.

"When is this?" Roger asked.

"This Friday," Scott said.

"Stephanie!" he called.

"What?" she said, coming out of the kitchen.

"Scott's saying something about a field trip to the zoo this Friday and it's my turn to chaperone the kids," Roger said.

"You can't go. You know what's like out there at the zoo with those allergies," Stephanie said.

"I know that. You tell him about that."

"Scott, we need to talk about this field trip to the zoo," Stephanie said.

"Why? Dad didn't give an answer," Scott said.

"He has a problem, Scott. The zoo is off – limits for him. He can't be near animals. He's allergic. You will have to have another parent or I will have to take your father's place," Stephanie said.

"What do I tell Ms. Smith, then?" Scott asked.

"Tell her your father can't go. Tell her to find another chaperone. Just tell Ms. Smith your father has allergies and can't be near animals."