Valentine's Day came by fast. The McCareys arrived in Vegas. They decided to stay for a week or two so they could watch Jay do a few shows. They were in the Valentine's Day audience to hear Jay for the two hours he was performing. Jay first came out at eight o'clock on Valentine's Day in an Elvis Presley outfit from an Elvis movie that he did a long time ago.

"Shirley, that outfit was from Jailhouse Rock, the film," Don whispered to his wife.

"You know your stuff, Don. You must have taught Jay well about Elvis."

"No. I did not know much like he did, but he knew more," Mr. McCarey whispered back.

Jay saw his parents in the second row of the auditorium.

He waved to them, singing, "I went to the party at the county jail."

Then he went on with the rest of the song and then the audience was screaming big time. "Number forty – seven said to number three, "You're the cutest jailbird I ever did see."

He stopped to say, "Sing with me on this next one," to the audience.

Even Mr. and Mrs. McCarey joined in on the audience. Jay was happy to see his parents singing with him as well as the audience.

"This next song was a huge Elvis Presley hit. Happens to be one of my favorites as well," Jay said and started singing "You ain't nothing but a hound dog. Been crying all the time. You ain't nothing but a hound dog. Been crying all the time. You ain't no friend of mine!"

When the song was finished, he grabbed out a guitar and started another song, which went like this: "It's one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, go cat go! Step on my blue suede shoes. You can do anything with my blue suede shoes. It's one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, go cat go!" he sang and the audience went wild.

He finished "Blue Suede Shoes" and the audience died down and went on to sing "Burning Love" next.

"I'm a hunk hunk of burning love," he sang.

He sang through that tune and the audience whistled during the song and started clapping and everything. The McCareys thought it was an outstanding crowd. He was going to do one more song and then go on to intermission.

"One more song, and we'll go on and have a break. This next song you can sing with me. This one is another favorite of mine. Another huge hit for Elvis," Jay said and started to sing again.

He sang "All Shook Up" for the crowd and the crowd went nuts and sang with him as he ordered in the whole song. When the song died, he left to take the intermission break. Mr. and Mrs. McCarey decided to watch their son do autographs.

"Hi, Jay. Great show. That is some audience. They were really at it on "All Shook Up," Mr. McCarey said when he autographed a picture for one of the fans.

"Thanks, Dad. What do you think of this "Jailhouse Rock" outfit?" Jay asked.

"I recognize it because I saw the movie. Creative, Son. We are going to more of your shows this week. That's why we're here," Mr. McCarey said.

"Great. How long are you and Mom staying in Vegas?" he asked.

"Two weeks. We're doing it to make you happy," Mrs. McCarey said.

"You're a big hit, Son," Mr. McCarey said to their only son.

"Thanks. This is the only thing I've always wanted to do," he said.

"We'll see you on the stage in a few more minutes, Jay. Go finish up here and we will meet you back with the rest of the group," Mrs. McCarey said.

"All right, Mom. See ya," he said and watched his parents head for the bathroom.

Jay had five more minutes to autograph, and get into another costume, before he could start singing more hits for that night's audience. He was planning on singing "Love Me Tender" that night for the lovebirds.

He left the autograph booth after signing the last autograph, headed to his dressing room, and changed into one of his favorite Elvis costumes from another movie from the sixties. He came out singing "Love Me Tender" before sitting down in front of the audience. When he finished "Love Me Tender," he went on to "Heartbreak Hotel."

"Here's another favorite song that was another Elvis hit that I really love and still do," Jay said and started to sing it.

"Wise men say, only fools rush in, but I can't help falling in love with you. Like a river falls, rushing to the sea, but if I can't help falling in love with you," he sang.

The song went on until he went on to another song.

"This next song is one that Elvis loved doing. It's a gospel tune," Jay told the audience.

"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound," Jay started singing and got through the song.

"I'm going through another gospel tune that Elvis loved so much that it won a Grammy Award for the record album," Jay said when "Amazing Grace" was finished.

He started singing "How Great Thou Art." He finished the concert that night by singing Elvis's favorite gospel songs. The last gospel tune for the night was "A Thing Called Love."

"Happy Valentine's Day, everybody," Jay said when the last bar of "A Thing Called Love" ended.

Jay let Mr. and Mrs. McCarey stay at his house the two weeks they were in Las Vegas. When he finished getting out of his costume for the night, he saw his parents, who were the last ones to get out of the crowd that night.

"Mom, Dad, over here!" they heard their son call.

They walked over to where he was waiting. He was outside of his dressing room.

"Mom, Dad, you can come and stay at my house," Jay said.

"Son, we've already checked into the Flamingo," Mr. McCarey told him.

"C'mon. I do not want you guys to pay another expensive bill when you guys go home. This one is on me. You guys know there's a guest room available," Jay begged.

"Come on, Don. This means a lot to Jay," Mrs. McCarey said.

He thought about it.

"Right. We're checking out first thing in the morning," Mr. McCarey said.

"No, Dad. You and Mom will not have any clothes if you stay tonight. You two are checking out tonight," Jay told his parents.

Jay and his parents headed out to his car and he drove his parents to the Flamingo Hotel.

"Are you sure you want your father and I to stay at your house, Jay?" Mrs. McCarey asked.

"Yes, Mom. I sure could use the company. I would love to see you guys more rather than you two being in a boring hotel room," he said.

Mr. McCarey was checking out of the hotel and bringing their luggage to the car. Jay was talking with Mrs. McCarey while they waited downstairs for him to bring the luggage to the trunk. Jay already had the trunk open so he could help Mr. McCarey with the luggage.

"You should have been with your father, helping out with the luggage, Jay. He could use your help," she said.

"How much luggage did you two bring for two weeks?" Jay wanted to know.

"Not much."

"Did you two like my show tonight?" Jay asked his mother.

"Yes, Jay. We loved it. You sure do have a big crowd of fans out there. They sure loved "All Shook Up," Mrs. McCarey said.

"They did, Mom. I love being in show business. I've always wanted to be in show business since I was in high school, remember?"

"Yes, Jay. Did you know you wanted to be Elvis?" she asked.

"No, but I knew it was show business, but I didn't know I was going to be Elvis."

They saw Mr. McCarey with the two suitcases.

"Jay, when you were doing your show tonight, I saw someone famous in the audience," Mrs. McCarey said when the three of them were driving to Jay's house.

"No kidding. Who?" Jay asked, getting interested.

"He was one of my all – time favorite singer and songwriters before Karen was born. He was popular in the seventies. He still is today, but also performs at the Hilton himself. He is on tour right now for an album that he just recorded. His name is Barry Manilow," Mrs. McCarey said.

"Him. I have been to a few of his shows. They are so crazy over at his shows, Mom. You should see those shows. They are nothing like mine, but sold out," Jay said.

Jay asked his mother if Barry Manilow was in the front row as well.

"Yes, he was, in fact," Mrs. McCarey said.

"Mom, are you still a fan of Mr. Manilow today?" Jay asked.

"I still listen to his songs every once in a while, Jay, but lately I haven't been listening to his music," Mrs. McCarey said.

"You must be his oldest fan, Mom. You're ninety – three!" Jay said, finding that hard to believe.

"Don't remind us of our age, Jay. We don't know if Barry has another old fan besides me, but if he doesn't, I might be the only one," Mrs. McCarey said.

"Could be true, Mom. When I see him, I could tell him he has a fan that is in her nineties," Jay said.

"You two talk?" she asked, finding that interesting.

"Sometimes, yeah. Maybe I could get his autograph for you, Mom."

"That will not be necessary, Jay, but thanks anyway," Mrs. McCarey said.

"Speaking of which, Mom, Mr. Manilow and I are having lunch tomorrow at one. Show business talk. Maybe I could get you his autograph then," Jay said.

"Please don't, Jay. I am sure Barry is busy with his own shows he does not have time for autographs. Anybody else eating lunch?" Mrs. McCarey asked.

"Yeah. Two country stars named Warren Webber and Dolly Parton," Jay said.

"I love Dolly Parton!" Mrs. McCarey said.

"I'll be sure to get Manilow and Parton's autographs, Mom."

"Not necessary, Jay. We don't need any autographs," Mr. McCarey said.