So you say you're a Christian, but you have dead eyes?

Where are the love, peace, joy and prosperity that the Lord of Lords has given you?

Where is your bravery to go beyond your comfort zone or all you have known?

Don't you know that you have to step out on faith?
Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

You better take it to heart and leap out on faith; otherwise you're just saying words and not believing in them.

How can you claim to be a Christian but don't believe in what you say?

"My God is an awesome God…"

If you don't believe in those words why and how can I?

Once you step out on faith, you have automatically claimed what you've asked the Lord for.

Everything comes at the right time.

There is no express shipping.

There is no "Lord if you give this to me now, I'll do this"

Don't you know you that you are precious to him?

Seriously, right now just close your eyes and say "Jesus I am precious to you"

I know you felt something so trust in the Lord to perform His mighty acts for your good.

Remember that you are Elevated in Authority, Positioned in Power.

You have authority over the decisions you make and your actions, no one can make you do something against your will.

You are positioned in power because you have life in your body, and as long as you have breath you can speak life.

Use your mouth to tell others the Good News.

Encourage them and pray for them.

So that when you claim to be a Christian you don't have the eyes of someone with a broken spirit.

So you can honestly say to them all is well with my soul.