THWACK! A pillow hit Port Hawkesbury Birchwood over her head. But this wasn't abuse – she and her husband, Stellarton Bridges-Drummond, were playing around with each other. Stellarton pulled her bedsheet, and she fell with a huge THUD! on the floor. "Ouch," said Port Hawkesbury, rubbing herself. "That hurt a little bit." Stellarton laughed, and then Port Hawkesbury laughed with him, too.

Now, they were beginning to feel passion deep inside them both. They moaned and groaned amorously as they groomed each other. Stellarton linked his arms with Port Hawkesbury's. "Let's get into bed," he suggested. "Alright," whispered Port Hawkesbury amorously. The two of them slipped into their double bed. Stellarton pulled their duvet over themselves, and they began to make the most fervid love they'd ever made in their lives.

Port Hawkesbury opened her eyes. She stared up to the white ceiling. Stellarton lay just beside her, still asleep. "I think I might be pregnant," she suspected to herself, feeling something – or SOMEONE – inside her belly. She was breathing quite heavily. Remembering that she'd bought a pregnancy test strip just the other day, she left the bedroom and went into the bathroom.

Holding up the strip to the light, Port Hawkesbury examined the result. Positive. She gasped softly, left the bathroom and shook Stellarton. "Stellarton," she whispered quietly. "What?" Stellarton murmured. He woke up. Port Hawkesbury put a hand on her stomach. "Stellarton," she whispered again softly, breathing very excitedly. A long, silent moment passed. Stellarton continued to look at Port Hawkesbury.

Finally, Port Hawkesbury announced, proudly but softly, "I'm pregnant." Stellarton gasped very happily. "Oh, I'm so proud," he said. He curled his arms around her, and they kissed each other very affectionately.

Port Hawkesbury was now four months pregnant. She sat beside Stellarton in the waiting room at the Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital. Stellarton held his pregnant wife's hand. A nurse came up to them. "Port Hawkesbury Birchwood and Stellarton Bridges-Drummond," she recited both their names. "Oh. That's us," said Stellarton. They both stood up and followed the nurse to Dr. Kenningham's room.

Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton both entered and sat down on a chair each. Dr. Kenningham got up and shut the door, then he sat back down at his desk. "Hello, Port Hawkesbury," he greeted her. "And this is Stellarton," she replied, introducing her husband. "So, how's your pregnancy going?" Dr. Kenningham asked Port Hawkesbury. "Oh, I feel a little ill sometimes, but other than that, I'm alright," she answered.

"You're four months pregnant," Dr. Kenningham realized, looking at Port Hawkesbury's puffy belly. "So you should eat plenty of fibre to promote good health for your child." He continued, "And you should also consume low-fat food and drink to maintain your child's healthy heart." Stellarton lay a hand on Port Hawkesbury's stout stomach and fondled it very gently. He jotted down some notes in his notebook. "Do you ever drink or smoke?" Dr. Kenningham asked Port Hawkesbury. "No, never," she replied. "And I don't take any harmful drugs, ever." "Well, your lifestyle is very beneficial to your child," said Dr. Kenningham. "Drinking alcohol, smoking and taking harmful drugs can be seriously damaging to your child. They could have foetal alcohol syndrome, or have physical or mental disabilities." Stellarton jotted it all down in his notebook. He lay his hand on Port Hawkesbury's bulged stomach again and stroked it very gently. "I want my child to be a well little sweetheart," he said. "Well, Stellarton," remarked Dr. Kenningham, "you've made a good choice for your child." He thanked both Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton for visiting him again. "I wish the best for you and your baby," he said to Port Hawkesbury. "And you too, Stellarton." "Thanks," said Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton. "Goodbye," said Dr. Kenningham, and Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton both said "Goodbye" back. They both left Dr. Kenningham's room, closing the door behind themselves.

Stellarton touched Port Hawkesbury's puffy stomach and stroked it lovingly for the third time that day. He felt the baby kick inside. "This is OUR child," he said. He held Port Hawkesbury's hand, and they both left the hospital, walking off into the early evening.

Port Hawkesbury (now five months pregnant) and Stellarton were back in the waiting room at the hospital. Stellarton was holding Port Hawkesbury's hand again. The same nurse who met them before approached them again and called out both their names. Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton both arose from their seats and followed her to Dr. Jarl's room.

They both entered, and Stellarton sat down on a chair beside Dr. Jarl's bed. Port Hawkesbury lay on the bed and lifted her dress up, revealing her fat stomach. She pulled the blanket up to her lower abdomen. The doctor stood up and shut her door, then she returned to her chair. "Hello, Port Hawkesbury," she greeted her. "This is Stellarton here," said Port Hawkesbury, introducing her husband.

"So, you're five months pregnant," Dr. Jarl commented, examining Port Hawkesbury's stout belly. "I'm going to carry out an ultrasound test to see how your baby is doing." Port Hawkesbury nodded her head in approval.

The doctor applied some clear gel to Port Hawkesbury's podgy stomach. She groaned very loudly and shuddered. "Brrrrrrrrr!" she exclaimed, shivering with the freezing cold. Dr. Jarl laughed rather seriously. "Yes, it is very cold, indeed," she remarked. She took out her ultrasound scanner and glided it across Port Hawkesbury's portly belly.

A very blurry image of a medium-sized baby very slowly began to form on Dr. Jarl's computer screen. They all watched in anticipation as the image became clearer.

Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton both gasped joyfully as the image became fully sharp. "That's OUR baby," said Port Hawkesbury very softly. The doctor looked at the image and checked for any abnormalities in it. She didn't discover any. Stellarton jotted down notes on everything that had happened so far in his notebook.

Dr. Jarl put her scanner down and went over to her printer. She collected prints of the family's baby as the printer ejected them. She retrieved a blank dark green folder from her desk, placed the prints and marked, "PORT HAWKESBURY BIRCHWOOD AND STELLARTON BRIDGES-DRUMMOND'S BABY PRINTS" on the tab.

She handed the folder over to Port Hawkesbury, who looked through the prints. Port Hawkesbury took the blanket off and cleared the icy-cold gel off her belly. She pulled her dress back down and looked inside the folder, examining the prints. She showed them to Stellarton. "We can keep these as a memento of today," he said.

"Well, thanks for visiting," said the doctor. Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton gave their thanks back. "Oh, and best wishes for you and your baby," the doctor added. Port Hawkesbury felt her baby kick inside her. "Goodbye," said Dr. Jarl. "Goodbye," said Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton back. They both left the doctor's room, closing the door behind themselves.

They both left the hospital. Port Hawkesbury held Stellarton's hand, her folder wedged between her left arm and torso. They both went under an illuminated lamppost and stopped. Port Hawkesbury got out her folder out and looked through her prints again. "They're lovely," said Stellarton. "Yes," Port Hawkesbury agreed.

Port Hawkesbury put her prints back and wedged her folder back under her left arm. She held Stellarton's again, and they both strolled off into the night.

Port Hawkesbury was now nine months pregnant. She was fast asleep in her bed, with Stellarton beside her. Everything and everyone seemed to be quiet.

Suddenly, Port Hawkesbury felt a piercing, burning pain inside her. She jolted awake, screaming in agony. Stellarton abruptly woke up. Realizing that Port Hawkesbury was about to give birth, he gasped in shock. He dashed downstairs and dialled 911. "Ambulance," he asked. "To the Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital. It's my wife. She's in labour." He could hear her screaming and moaning upstairs. Stellarton nodded and hung up.

He returned to his bedroom and tried to calm Port Hawkesbury down while he waited for the ambulance. He could hear the sound of a siren getting louder as it approached his house.

Finally, a few minutes later, the ambulance arrived at his house. Its siren wailed and flashed very loudly. Stellarton took Port Hawkesbury's hand and hauled her up from her bed. They both went downstairs to the ambulance, Stellarton with his hand on Port Hawkesbury's fat belly. They both went inside, and an ambulance man shut the back doors. Another lay Port Hawkesbury, still coping with her labour, on a stretcher, strapping her in securely. Stellarton crouched down by her side.

The ambulance rushed frantically around town on the way to the hospital. Its siren howled very noisily, and it flashed very vividly.

Finally, the ambulance arrived at the hospital. The ambulance driver lowered the back ramp and several ambulance men opened the back doors. They rushed Port Hawkesbury into the hospital, unstrapping her. Stellarton followed her inside.

They all arrived at a maternity ward. Two ambulance men transferred Port Hawkesbury to a hospital bed, and they all left. Port Hawkesbury's midwife saw her struggling. She went up to her, and Port Hawkesbury began to push. "Come on, keep pushing!" she encouraged her.

Two doctors approached Port Hawkesbury; one stood beside her, the other at her legs. Port Hawkesbury's midwife peeked under her blanket and saw two little feet, caked with blood. "I see two little feet!" she shouted. Port Hawkesbury continued to push.

Next, she spotted two little bloodied legs. Port Hawkesbury pushed extremely hard. Stellarton watched, jotting down notes of everything he'd seen so far in his notebook.

Port Hawkesbury's midwife spotted a little torso and a cream-coloured, veined umbilical cord, both covered in blood. One doctor grasped a little bloodied leg. Port Hawkesbury carried on with her pushing. Her midwife saw a little head, arms and hands, all caked with blood.

At last, Port Hawkesbury gave a final push, screaming at the top of her voice. The second doctor caught her newborn in his hand. "It's a boy," Port Hawkesbury's midwife announced very blissfully. Port Hawkesbury smiled very joyfully.

Some after-birth medical staff took her newborn. One cut off his umbilical cord, and another slapped his backside, holding him upside-down from his feet.

They handed back Port Hawkesbury's newborn. She looked at her son, just been born, who was crying very noisily. She stroked him very gently. "He's so sweet," tweeted Stellarton. "He's perfect," Port Hawkesbury replied. They both admired their newborn son.

After a little while, Stellarton asked, "What you're gonna name him?" Port Hawkesbury thought for a moment on some names.

Finally, she decided to name her newborn son Pictou. The second she said that name, he began to cry even louder. "Pictou," repeated Stellarton. "A sweet-sounding name for a sweet little Acadian Canadian Boy like him." "Yes," Port Hawkesbury agreed. Pictou cried at the top of his voice. Stellarton jotted down some more notes in his notebook.

"Welcome to the world, Pictou Denoon," Port Hawkesbury greeted her newborn son very sweetly. "He's our baby," said Stellarton. Pictou continued to cry very noisily.