I've done a lot of revising and i'm nearly halfway through with this story. I thought I better put some chapters up. It's not fair at all. I need to add some fillers in certain chapters.

Chapter 1

Little Sarah Hardy ran through the woods of White Tail Path. She had decided to explore. Her family had recently built a small cabin beside the beautiful little wood.

The Hardy's were new in Idaho. They had traveled from Kansas to explore the northwest. Idaho had sounded promising with such vast empty land.

Sarah had been cooped up all day long in the little cabin, cleaning with her Ma, Beth Hardy.

The girl had escaped a few hours later. The woods were calling her. She loved the outdoors and wanted to see what they held. Yes, Sarah with her long braids was a little dare-devil. She had heard exciting stories about the Nez Percé Indians that lived near here. They were a small band that lived by themselves. She dared hope to meet one. They weren't travelers like most of the other Nez Percé. They stayed near the area almost the whole year, only leaving during midsummer for the 'Salmon runs'.

The little girl skipped along towards the woods. Rocky ground turning to bright green, luscious grass. Trees surrounded her as she went further and deeper. She was so excited, she ran. Not paying attention, she tripped over a tree root sticking out from the ground.

Little Sarah let out a cry of pain. Plummeting headfirst to the ground; she landed on her elbows with a groan. She deserved that fall. She should have been looking to where she was going and not been so hasty.

Slowly, she sat up. What am I going to do now? She scowled and just sat there with her arms crossed.

Leaves crunched, and twigs snapped, causing Sarah to jump up in alarm, hobbling a little on her 'seemed-to-be-sprained' ankle. "Who's there?" she called out frantically. Her mind was reeling thoughts of what could lurk behind those dense mass of trees.

There was no answer, so it had to be a wild animal, waiting to strike.

Sarah hobbled away from the sound; interest in looking for Indians vanished. She backed and backed until she almost fell again. She didn't want to turn her back on the noise. She leaned against a lone tree, eyes beginning to widen.

Out of the trees came an Indian about twelve years old. He stared at her with a curious expression and then stepped forward, wanting to get closer to the strange girl.

Sarah shrank back against the tree in surprise. Never in her dreams would she have thought this was the thing she was running from.

The boy crept closer. Too close for Sarah's comfort, in fact so close they were almost nose to nose. Sarah gasped, blinking her blue eyes. Was she dreaming?

The boy had deep brown eyes that looked right into hers. His long black hair was pulled into braids, hanging over his shoulders; tickling her face as he bent over her. He was incredibly tall for his young age.

Sarah stared at him in utter shock and silence. She pressed herself into the tree a little more, with her head tilted back.

He looked bewildered of her reaction. Was she scared of him? He studied her a bit before stepping back.

Sarah continued to stare in amazement. She had never been this close to an Indian before.

The pain started to intensify in her left foot, and she slid down the tree into a sitting position. Sarah eyed the boy warily, wondering if he meant her any harm.

The boy pointed toward the ankle she was favoring.

Sarah stared at him puzzled. She didn't understand what he meant by pointing at her ankle like that.

He gave a sigh before dropping onto his knees in front of her, preparing to examine it.

She yelped in fear, trying to get up to run from him. She didn't know that he was trying to help her.

The boy saw what she was going to do and put his hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her. She flinched away from him, but didn't run. He waited until she was calmer before taking her foot in his hands. He pressed around it to see if it was broken or just sprained.

Sarah breathed in sharply from the pain, but stayed put.

The boy let her foot go when he was satisfied it was only a sprain. Now, he just had to tell her he would take her back home. He frowned in frustration, he didn't know many words in English and he knew she wouldn't understand his Nez Percé or sign language.

"I take-you home," he managed, pointing opposite of his village camp.

Sarah nodded. She was too afraid to say no, "I live over there," she pointed behind her.

Without another word, the boy helped her up and led her back home, slowly without being seen. He even let her lean on him when her ankle hurt too badly.

When he returned her safe and sound, they shared a secret smile. It was then, Sarah knew, this wasn't the last time she would see him.