War is a game,

Countries earning themselves a name,

At what cost but a man's life?

His family's grief as sharp as a knife,

Those who blunder,

Start to wonder,

Why do we play this game?

Does our country deserve a name?

Soldiers stand strong,

But inside they long,

For the freedom they once had,

They are so sad.

A.N: Very Important: I hope that this offends no one, it was not meant in that way. Both my great-granddad's served in the Army and so did my granddad on my father's side. My mother's dad was a male nurse for the Navy. This was written for a WW2 project in school and again, I am only a teen and do not know the politics behind war. I have the utmost respect for the brave men and women who fight for us and our freedom. It is the ultimate act of selflessness.