Look through the eyes of a child
and tell me what you see.
Look at the world in wonder
and marvel at what you see.

Look past all your hatred.
Look beyond despair.
Look beyond your jaded views
and tell me what lies there.

Lean over the walls you built
and reach right past your doubt.
Cure your tunnel vision
and start to look about.

Look beyond your clutter,
your emotional mess.
Take away the glasses of age
and look with youthfulness.

Push out all your boundaries
tear down evry fence.
Look at all around you
with blessed innocence.

And if you can unjade your eyes
and through a child's view see
remember how you reached that world
and share that route with me.

For I have never see a world
as fresh as when they made it
my eyes were never as a child
from my birth they were jaded.

I do not blame a soul for this,
can't help how I was made,
but I would love to see the world
in innocence displayed.

Please let me see it through your eyes
of pure unjaded youth
One look is all I ask of you:
I long for simple truth.