Authors note: Here's a story I thought up last year! ^-^ When I was writing it I had a lot of fun, so please enjoy!

Most transfer students are normal , everyday people. Some are from different places from you, so they're interesting. But this transfer student was very peculiar.
I'll tell you about her, but first let me introduce myself. My name is Mizuo Arai, I'm a first year student at Sakurakouji high school in Osaka, Japan. Please don't over-estimate me, I'm a completely average guy. I'm basically average everything. Now this transfer student wasn't average at all. Let me tell you everything that happened after I satdown at my desk this morning.
When everyone in my class was accounted for, my teacher made an announcement. "We have a transfer student today.", he said as a girl walked in the door. "Why don't you introduced yourself?", he asked her.
Everyone in the whole class was staring at her, and I mean EVERYONE. A few of my classmates were whispering. "What the heck...", "Does she have a disease or something?", "Never seen a girl like THAT before!".
"I'm Rui Obara. I've, um, been home-schooled until now. I'm pleased to meet you all!", she introduced herself. "People are actually home-schooled around here?", I heard someone say. Now let me tell you what she looks like. First, she had long black hair with a cowlick at the top, and was wearing our schools girls uniform, a sailor uniform. Second, was what everyone in the class seemed to be staring at. She had one normal eye, but the other was all black and white, and she had two black spots on her neck.
"I'm sure you're all wondering about my eye and neck, so I'll tell you now. It's actually a rare disease.", she explained. "You can sit down now Obara-san.", said the teacher, "You can take the desk next to Arai-San.", he said as he pointed to the desk on my left. Rui sat down, and class started.