When it was time for lunch, I noticed all of the students were steering themselves away from Rui. I guess they were scared to talk to her cause she different. I felt bad for her, so I went up to talk to her.
"Hey. I'm going to the convenience store. You want me to bring you something?", I asked her. Her eyes lit up. "Really?! You'll bring me something?!", she asked excitedly. "Sure. Whatcha want?" "Wait a second! I wanna go too!", she said. "Um, I guess you could come with.", I replied. So we went on our way.
While we were walking Rui got a few glares. I had no idea why anyone would be angry with her, she was a nice, cute girl. Wait! What am I thinking?! I don't like her as a girl, do I? Hmmm, maybe I do...
When we got to the store Rui stopped herself in front of the door. "I-I've never been to a convenience store before. I'm kind of nervous." How much do her parents shelter her if she's never been to a convenience store before? "There's nothing to be nervous about.", I told her. Then I opened the door for her. I'm not the kind of man who wouldn't do that. We walked in, and Rui's eyes got all shiny again. "Wow! Look at all the stuff there is here!", she exclaimed. I when over to the ramen section. I wasn't sure what I wanted yet. Rui looked at the shelves. "So many flavors! How can you even choose just one?", "I guess you can find your favorite and stick with that one.",
I told her. We kept walking through the store, and Rui stopped next to the ice cream section. "They have ice cream here too?!", she asked me. "Yep. But its kinda too cold for ice cream don't you think?" It was the middle of fall. "I guess so.", Rui said disappointedly. I went over to the bread section and Rui followed. "How 'bout you pick a bun to eat?", I asked her. "Okay!", she replied. I choose a couple meat-filled buns, and I looked over at Rui. She was holding a yakisoba bun. "I think I want this one!", she told me. "Sure.", I replied. Then we went to the drinks section. I got a coffee, and Rui got strawberry milk. "I never knew they had milk in different flavors.", she told me. Then we went to the checkout to pay for the items. "Can you heat the bread up for me?", I asked the cashier. "Sure thing!", she said, and put them in a microwave. "890 yen please.", the cashier told me and I gave her the money. She took the buns out of the microwave and gave them to me. "Have a nice day!", she said as we walked out the door.
Me and Rui walked back to school and went to our classroom. Surprisingly, no one was there. We set our desks put to make them like a table, and we sat down to eat. "Itadakimasu!, we said together. Rui took a bite of her yakisoba bun. "This is delicious!", she said with a smile. So cute. "I'm glad you like it.", I told her. We both ate all our food. "U-m can I call you Mizuo-kun?", she asked me. "Go ahead. Can I call you Rui-chan then?". "Sure!", she told me. Score! I'm on a first name basis with a cute girl! "Can I tell you something secret?", she asked me, "I think I can trust you.", she told me. "Okay. What is it?", I asked her.
"You know how I said I have a disease?".
"Well it's different from that. I-I'm half insect."
Even though this was kinda crazy, I found myself believing her.
"Yes. My left eye looks and sees differently than my other one, I have tentacles on my neck and thighs,"
"Wait!", I stopped her, "The black spots on your neck are tentacles?".
"Yes. And I also have them on my thighs, like I just said. My tongue us long, and oh! Watch this!" She put her hands in her mouth and pulled what looked like white stringy goo. It was kinda gross. "What is that?", I asked her. "It's web.", she explained. "Weird right?", she asked me. "It is, but it's nothing to hate you for.", I told her. "I'm glad you think so.", said Rui.