Mayu Meikyu lived alone. Her parents had to move overseas for work. They left Mayu in japan because she had gotten a good scholarship into an expensive high school. Mayu didn't go to any after-school clubs, or have any special talents. She just lived her life each day. She seems like a normal high school girl, right? Well, let's see what happens next….
It was the middle of May, and Mayu was walking to school as usual. She heard someone behind her, "Mayu! Good morning!'", her best friend Shiina greeted her. "Mornin' Shiina", Mayu replied. They kept walking down the path to their school.
They arrived at school and went to class. When it was time for lunch break, Mayu and Shiina met up with their friend Yowa. Shiina left them to get some buns to eat from the school café. "So Mayu?" asked Yowa,
"Have you thought about my offer yet?" The other day, Yowa had confessed his love for Mayu. "I'm sorry Yowa, I'm not ready to have any relationships like that right now", replied Mayu. Yowa looked saddened for a bit, but then he brightened his face. "Alright, we can be just friends for now, but when you're ready for a serious relationship, you know who to talk to."
Shiina came back with the buns and they all ate lunch. Mayu finished her classes for the day, and walked back home with Shiina. She dropped Shiina off at her house and headed home. When she got home she started making her dinner and did her homework. Mayu always got her homework done quickly, because her house was always quiet and there were no distractions. Mayu ate her dinner alone, and went to bed early.
It was night, and a boy with white hair and skin was wandering the streets. "Crap! I can't find it anywhere!" He exclaimed. As he ran the boys red eyes shone in the moonlight.

Mayu was sleeping, and she suddenly woke up. Her bed was gone and she was standing in a white space. There was absolutely nothing around, and it was dead silent. "Hello?" Mayu's voice echoed through the space.
She didn't seem to be going anywhere. "Where am I?" Mayu thought," This must be a dream." Mayu kept walking, thinking she would wake up from this dream eventually.
Then, Mayu heard something. It sounded like wind. She looked behind herself. There was a giant black cloud, and it was moving toward her! Mayu started running, faster, faster. It hit her, and Mayu woke from her dream.