Mayu was breathing heavily. She was back in her room. It must have been a nightmare, she thought. Mayu got out of bed and got ready for she was walking to school with Shiina, her friend looked puzzled. "Are you wearing color contacts?",Shiina asked Mayu. What a strange question, thought Mayu. "No, I'm not",she replied.

Shiina took a compact mirror out of her bag and handed it to Mayu. "Your eyes look a bit red.",said Shiina. Mayu looked in the mirror and saw the her usual brown eyes were now red. "See? Don't they look red",Shiina asked Mayu. "They do. Maybe I'll see the school nurse later.",replied Mayu.

Mayu and Shiina got to school and went to class. When the teacher did the class roster, she stopped for a second when she got to Mayu. "Did you dye your hair Mayu? It's white.",she asked. Again?, thought Mayu. "Oh, I did. I guess it didn't all come out when I was washing it out.",Mayu said as an excuse.

Before lunch, Mayu went to the bathroom and took a good look at herself in the mirror. Her hair was all white with a red streak in it, her eyes were still red from before, and her skin was now blank white! Mayu immediately thought of the nightmare she had. Was it real? Did the black being that hit her cause her body to change?

Mayu left school and went home. She didn't want anymore people to question her about her new look. If she told anyone about her nightmare, people would think she was crazy! When she got home, Mayu took a shower to see if she would go back to normal. But it didn't do anything. She dried her hair and sat down on her bed.
The doorbell rang, and Mayu went to answer it. She opened the door and there was a man and a woman there. "Hello. I know this is a weird question, but have you had any contact with a strange creature lately?",asked the man.
Oh my gosh, thought Mayu, I never thought anyone would know about that thing. "Uh, yeah I have actually. Can you explain this to me?",asked Mayu."May we come in?" ,asked the woman. "Um, sure",replied Mayu.
The man and woman came in and sat in the chairs in Mayu's living room. "We'll start by introducing ourselves.",said the woman. "I'm Yui Makoto, and this is Kaoru Icchan.", she said pointing to herself then Kaoru. "I'm Mayu Meikyu.",replied Mayu."So can you explain what the black cloud was, and my looks changed?"she asked.
"Alright then." Said Kaoru. "The black cloud was a demon. It ate your soul, which turned you into what is called a red monster. What I can't explain is why your still alive.", he said. "So whats a red monster?", Mayu asked. "A red monster is a creature from Japan," said Yui, "They live in a separate dimension of earth and come to this dimension to hunt demons. The demons are sent by our enemy, the demon queen Pororin. Also, red monsters can't be seen by humans unless we use a special power. So, we can't explain how you can still be seen. You might just not have lost the ability to be seen by humans yet.". "Okay, this is a lot to take in.", said Mayu. "Can you at least prove yourselves?", Mayu asked. "I can't just trust some strangers I just met." she explained. "Yui, can her show her?", asked Kaoru. "Sure thing.", replied Yui.
And in just a couple seconds, bright green wings appeared from Yui's back.