Chapter 1 – Welcome to Hell:

Waking up every day in a world where you don't fit… it's a torture, isn't it? At least, that's what I experienced. But then, I made the only thing I could do… wake up in another world. Though, I didn't expect to see what I woke up to.

My name is none of your business. I can say how I look like though. I have grey eyes, dark hair, my hair being pulled back, somewhat spiky. My clothes? Well… a white hoody, a grey t-shirt, black trousers, and dark sneakers. I guess that's enough for a description, wouldn't you say? You may be wondering why I'm telling you all this? This is my story. Not the story of my life, don't get me wrong.

This is the story of my after-life.

Where should I start…? How about… right after I died? Wait, how old am I? 16 years old. 16 and 8 months, to be exact. A bit too young to die, you might think. But I couldn't really take it anymore and the rest you can guess... I lay down and felt the blood of my body draining away and falling asleep. I hoped I would wake somewhere else.

I did. But I didn't really know where I was though. I was floating in red and black. The area was of those colors. It felt like a completely different dimension. After all, it was.

I looked exactly the same, including my clothes. My wrists weren't slit though. They did have some strange markings, colored of a pale skin tone when compared to my own. I was floating, it seemed. After all, the floor was inexistent! Below my feet was just a dark void.


A female voice echoed throughout the area. It seemed to emanate its strength through my body.

I looked around. "Who's there?"

A white flame formed right in front of my eyes, startling me. I jumped back, or at least motioned to do that, while the flame moved towards the opposite direction, and increased in size. It got around my size and then formed into… a woman. Well, she did look around my age, maybe a year or two older, but nothing beyond that.

She had violet-blue eyes, similar to the color of the sky near nightfall, but were rather sharp. Her hair was pale blonde, styled in a ponytail, a long ponytail. She had a somewhat malicious grin, which didn't scare me, but certainly left a strong impression. Her clothes were rather weird: white angel-like clothing, extending into a long skirt; she possessed metallic armor gauntlets and boots, which was rather strange taking into account her angelic like figure… she didn't look like a fighter; her clothing had various blue and yellow details, scattered around her figure and shape, which was rather attractive. Her waist was thin, her hips not so large, and her chest was in the normal standards of girls of my age. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Well, at least, now it wasn't. At the beginning, it was as confusing as hell.

"No need to be alarmed." She muttered, closing her eyes, but maintaining that grin.

"Who are you? And where am I?"

"Oh. You know me by many, many names, even if some of them are wrong. But my one and true name is enough to answer both your questions." This scared me a bit. "My name is Lucifer."

My mind quickly put 2 and 2 together. "Then… this is…"

"Welcome to Hell!" she spoke, laughing loudly. Her voice was strong, but still within the normal standards of someone my age. Of course, if she was indeed Lucifer, she was far older. "You must be wondering why you're here."

"More or less. I mean, I was never really bad to anyone in my life. I'm curious as to why I'm here."

"You're taking this pretty lightly." She noticed, opening her eyes once again.

"Well, I committed suicide. I would either be here, in Heaven, or in eternal darkness. I was aware of that." I answered, crossing my arms and grinning. "So, why is Lucifer, the Devil itself, or rather, herself, talking to me? I would consider this an honor if this wasn't Hell."

"Oh, you should be honored. By the way, "Devil" isn't exactly the best term to call me as. And stop with the act, I know you're not like that kind of super-confident guy you're trying to pull off. You're talking to me, after all."

I sighed, relieved. I might be confident, but I'm not confident enough to actually pull the act I was trying to pull with Lucifer, the act I've been pulling my entire life. After all, she was Lucifer. I thought maybe I should look somewhat… cooler?

"I've been observing you. Well, not really observing. Maybe... Reading. I've been reading your soul for a while now. I know nothing about you, including your name, but I KNOW you." This alarmed me a bit. "I know about your not-so-little problem, and your fake-attitude. I know that you don't fit in the world because you're "too nice", that society isn't a place for people like you, people with your believes." This made me back off. She was… right. I couldn't fit, and it drove me up the wall really hard. I tried to disguise it by acting tough, even though that wasn't like me at all. "But I will offer you a deal."

"A deal?"

A Deal with the Devil? This picked my curiosity. After all, from what I knew from books and TV shows, usually the part of the human involved in the deal is promising his soul to go to hell. But I was already in Hell, so my part would be completely different. Also, since I was "dead", what could she promise me in order to accept?

"It is a complicated deal in my part, so I'll need the help of 6 "friends" of mine."

6 more flames appeared, three on each side of Lucifer. On her right side were a red, a green, and orange each. On the left were a grey, a pinkish-violet, and a brownish-yellow each.

"These are Satan, Belphgor, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub and Mammon, in order of appearance." She indicated, presenting her friends. "The seven of us represent the Seven Deadly Sins: Pride, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Lust, Gluttony and Greed respectively."

The first to show a figure was the red one. It expanded and turned into another woman, but again, close to my age in figure. This was Satan, the Sin of Wrath. She was a little bit taller though. Her hair was long and bright red, even reaching past through her waist. Like Lucifer, her figure was somewhat similar in terms of measures, even though she was taller, a little bit. Her eyes were deep crimson, and were sharp as well. Though, instead of a malicious grin, she possessed a cold look, showing her frenzy nature. She looked angry, but was composed, instead of jumping all over the place, like a furious person would. What really called my attention were the small-short curved devil-like horns on her head, close to the pigtails. As for her clothes, well, for starters, she had a spiky collar and spiky hand bands, similar to that of a gothic person. She had a red and black checked sailor skirt. She also possessed a belt around her waist, with a belt buckle that possessed an inverted pentagram engraved. She wore a sleeveless vermillion shirt, with the image of an inverted cross on the pattern. She also wore a trench-coat of a color similar to her eyes. Beyond the trench coat though, I managed to spot a demon tail.

The second was the grey one. Another girl appeared. This was Belphgor, the Sin of Sloth. This time, she was much shorter than me and the previous two entities. Her hair was bright grey and her eyes were silver colored. They were half closed, and she showed to be tired, despite her happy look. Her head was constantly moving up and down, like if she was trying to be awake. She had goat ears and goat horns emerging from her hair. It made me somewhat intimidated a bit at the time, despite her cute and inoffensive look. She wore a cloak, a deep grey cloak. It concealed her image, but due to the opening I could see that the only things she was wearing beyond the cloak was underwear-like clothing, silver colored, which made contrast with her tanned skin. She also had a mammalian tail, long enough for me to notice it. It looked like a thicker version of a cow's tail.

The third flame to turn into a girl was the green one. This was Leviathan, the Sin of Envy. She was a bit shorter than Lucifer. Well, since Lucifer was about the same height as me, that means she was a bit shorter. She had green wavy hair, reaching halfway through her back. It had a small ribbon tied up at the top of her head, by the way. Her eyes were colored sea-blue, and her look showed… anxiety. She seemed nervous. She possessed a kelp-green cloak very similar to the one the previous girl used, but completely opened instead of closed, so it wasn't disguising her figure. She wore the top part of a green bikini, with a sharp teeth-like pattern on it. She also wore green gloves with small spikes at the wrist area. As for the lower part, it looked rather human and current. She wore a pair of jean shorts, long blue stockings, and high heeled shoes.

The fourth girl came out of the pink-violet flame. This was Asmodeus, the Sin of Lust. Her proportions were rather… I want to say a word that means both "perfect" and "absurd" at the same time. Her chest and hips were rather large, and her waist thin when compared to the rest of her body. Comparing to Lucifer, she had about the same height, and her waist as almost as thin as Lucifer's, but the keyword here is "almost". Her hair was short, reddish-pink, reaching her neck, but a bit curly and wavy, and she possessed curly horns as well. Her eyes were hypnotically yellow, and her smile was wide and bright. She also had demon-like wings, those similar to a bat. Her clothing? It's rather hard to describe… But if I had to, I would compare it to a spider-web pattern skin-suit, With various holes and thin lines, covering the essential parts of her body, yet exposing a lot of skin. Her tail was similar to Satan's, but dark-purplish colored and with a heart-shaped end instead of a triangular one. She seemed rather childish, and she had a bright blush spread across her face. I guess she was staring at me.

The fifth one was very thin, slender if you will. This was Beelzebub, the Sin of Gluttony. She was also rather short, about the same height as Belphgor. She possessed orange her, styled in a braid, which looked nice on her. Her eyes were sapphire colored, which made a strong contrast with her hair. She possessed a pair of wings. Her wings were… transparent, with veins, resembling a fly. She possessed a pair of straight yellow horns. She wore a black and white mini-skirted maid-like outfit, with orange Halloween-pumpkin or jack o' lantern pattern throughout her clothes. I noticed a sharp fang, which intimidated me. She also possessed a tail dark reptilian-like look. She had a hand over her very thin and small stomach, almost like she was hungry.

The final being resembled more a grown woman. This was Mammon, the Sin of Greed. She was taller than any of the others, myself included. As I said before, she resembled more a grown woman, even having a motherly-look. She had brownish-blonde hair, in thin twin tails fashion, which reached her chest. Actually, her proportions were rather similar to Asmodeus, the Sin of Lust, which only intensified the adult atmosphere and mother-like resemblance. She wore a brown tight dress with golden lines and markings. She had a soft lovely smile, which, after all the scary images I had seen in that moment, made me feel comfortable and relieved.

"And what is this deal that you mentioned before?" I asked in curiosity

Lucifer was the one to explain. "The seven of us will give you eternal life, youth and regenerating abilities. Doesn't that take care of your little problem? You want to live, but without interacting with society. Well, if you're immortal, why would you need society?"

This… did make me think. "Being so generous, my part of the deal must be pretty heavy."

"Oh, so we have a smarty-pants?" Satan, the one with the red hair, spoke, showing her cold voice.

"Don't… be… mean… Satan-san..." Belphgor, the one with the silver hair, asked Satan, dozing off between words and ending with a sigh like the one someone would release right before they go to sleep.

"W-Well, i-it is!" Leaviathan, the one with the green hair, defended me.

"He's so charming…!" the one with the pinkish-red hair, Asmodeus, said, putting her hands on her cheeks, closing her eyes in excitement.

"Asmodeus, leave that for later." Beelzebub, the ginger, spoke like someone who was really straight forward. "I'm hungry…" she whispered to herself, looking down to her stomach.

"Now, now, let's all be nice." Mammon, the brunet, settled everything down, looking like she was the adult of the room.

"We need your help." Lucifer spoke again. "In exchange for your eternal life, we need you to send the demons that have escaped Hell that are on Earth back here."

"How did they escape?"

"Someone left the gates open." Mammon answered. Then, the six demons all looked towards Leviathan, the Sin of Envy, making her blush in embarrassment.

"It wasn't me, I swear!"

"Of course it wasn't." Lucifer, Sin of Pride in person, stated sarcastically, rolling her eyes, making Leviathan blush more intensely and tears appear in the corners of her eyes, but never really dropping. "Either way, we need your help. We are the Queens of Inferno, the most powerful demons in hell."

"But because we have that tittle, we don't have powers on Earth besides a couple of abilities." Asmodeus, the Sin of Lust, informed with a cheeky smile.

"And so, we need someone to do the job for us, if you put it bluntly." Satan, the Sin of Wrath, explained, crossing her arms.

"But why me?"

"Because… you're… the only one… who would… accept… eh!" Belphgor, the Sin of Sloth, spoke, trying to wake up the best she could.

"After all, not everyone accepts a request from the Devil." Mammon, the Sin of Greed, informed, maintaining her comforting smile.

"From everyone we even thought of offering, you're the only one who has reached this point so far." Beelzebub, Sin of Gluttony, added. "I'm hungry…" she whispered, repeating herself.

"S-So?" Leviathan, the Sin of Envy, asked, wanting to know the answer.

"Do you accept the deal with the seven sins?" Lucifer asked, extending her hand, palm facing down. The other six put their hands on top of hers. "If yes, put your hand on top of ours, and be bounded to us!"

I looked at my right hand. An eternal life? … With my problem solved… It was… a good deal. A good deal, nonetheless! I could stop the act, and be my true self! I laid my hand on theirs and the deal was closed ( though, I must admit, it was rather weird, since it kind of resembled something out of a "Go Team!" Sport, but i decided not to question).

The "dimension" where the 8 of us were suddenly flashed and turned into a different area. The color scheme was the same, but it was certainly different, this time including a floor and gravity. It also presented something resembling a crimson palace.

"This is your new home- umm, I almost forgot to ask, what's your name again?" Lucifer asked the question that sealed it all.

"…I want to forget my past life." They all looked at me, with curiosity. "So I shall have a different name. My name is, from now on, 'Sakuma'."

"That was kind of fast." Lucifer snickered. "Well, Sakuma, I Welcome you to Hell."

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