Chapter 3 – A Normal Day:

This is the story of my first day after meeting the 7 Deadly Sins' Demons.

As you all know, Asmodeus and Leviathan were arguing over my first case, because, apparently, both of them were in love with me. But I did manage to make them go away. How, you may ask? Actually, I owe it to Lucifer. Apparently they were making too much noise and she scolded them for not being able to have her beauty sleep. Lucifer then walked away and I got too sleep in peace, with no demons arguing.

Either way, in the next day, I went to the kitchen in order to eat breakfast. I opened the door, finding Beelzebub, who was eating a lot like usual, Satan, drinking a cup of coffee (I guess demons need caffeine as well), and Mammon, who was in deep thought.

"Good morning." I spoke, trying to fit in. I mean, second day isn't exactly the easiest.

"Good morning, Sakuma-kun." Mammon smirked, which made me feel relieved. Until I felt a familiar pain.

"AHHH!" I got punched in the stomach by Satan again. "What was that for…?" I asked, holding my stomach. I managed to stay on my feet, somehow.

"Good morning. I punched you because you annoy me." Satan explained, in her cold voice.

"But I just greeted you." I sighed, standing back up properly. I decided to ignore it, thinking it was something about the Sin of Wrath she represented. I moved towards the fridge, finding it full with food. But most of it seemed half eaten. I did manage to find a chicken leg that seemed good enough. I closed the fridge and started eating it.

"Chicken at breakfast?" Mammon asked, with that motherly-look of hers, with a gentle smile. I scratched my cheek and sweated a bit.

"I wanted to hurry. After all, it's today I start my part of the deal, isn't it?"

"You don't need to rush that fast." Beelzebub said, right after swallowing a hamburger.

I started eating the chicken leg, which was rather good. Even delicious if I may add. But then a question popped into my head. "Where do you get all this food?"

"From Gura." Beelzebub answered, just making me be even more confused.

"Where's Gura?"

"Here in Hell." Mammon answered. "It's the part of Hell rightfully belonging to Beelzebub."

"…Hell isn't exactly like humans picture it, right?"

"Right on the spot." She replied, as Satan finished her coffee. Satan stood up and glared at me.


"Weakling." She looked away.

"Oi, oi!" I yelled, trying to knock some sense into her. Until Lucifer came in.

"Good morning." She said, approaching me. "Don't you have something to say to me?"

"Good morning. And thanks for what you did last night." Satan, Mammon and Beelzebub were now quite focused on the conversation between me and Lucifer.

"You got yourself into some trouble."

"If someone had warned me about those two, I would've stayed in my corner." I replied, munching a bit of chicken afterwards. "Talking about them, where are Asmodeus and Leviathan? And where is Belphgor?"

"Belphgor is still sleeping." I thought maybe that was stupid question. "And the other two are taking a day off. I know they'll argue if they're in the same room as you."

I started sweating bullets. What can you do when Lust and Envy both want you?

"Either way, Sakuma, today is your first day on the job." Lucifer informed. "No matter how much I want you to make a big job today, you'll only battle a single demon. Think of it as a tutorial so you don't mess it up already at the beginning." I would be angry, but I was already expecting some sort of comment of the genre coming from her.

"Ok then. How do I fight to begin with? I mean, I'm immortal, but that doesn't mean I'm strong."

"Don't worry, I'll explain that later." Lucifer explained. "Now, imagine yourself at the top of the Tokyo Tower. Right at the peak."


"So you can go to the human world. You need to focus on the image of where you want to appear. Right now, there's a demon on the roofs of Tokyo, so it's a rather easy start." She explained. "Now, do it already. I still want time for myself, idiot."

"Hai, hai." I agreed, ignoring the insult. I closed my eyes and started picturing that image. I focused on it, feeling something weird inside my chest, and then I suddenly felt a very strong breeze. I also felt a very strong difference in temperature. Opening my eyes, I saw the sight of the Human Realm. But where was I? Apparently, I was at the top of the Tokyo Tower! "What!?" I slipped and fell down. After all, I was standing on a single spike. I managed to grab the edge of a platform surrounding the spike and climb onto it.


I heard Lucifer's voice in my head, but I didn't know where it came from. "Lucifer? Where are you?"

"Still in Hell. You need to summon me."


"Call my name as if you want me to appear in front of you."

"Ok…" I closed my eyes and called her. "Lucifer!" Suddenly, a white orb came out of my chest, more precisely, the area which had the mark of the portal imprinted on. The orb flew next to me and spun, taking the shape of Lucifer and fully becoming her.

"Applause, please." She requested. I didn't know what to think, I was just confused. I decided to simply clap a couple of times, not questioning her choice. "Thank you. Now, as I said before, you will have to fight a demon. Demons don't die, so you have to send it to Hell."


"You have to weaken them by battling, and then I'll do the rest. I can send them to hell thanks to the portal in your heart. I'll simply project it on the demon."

"Umm… But me being immortal doesn't make me stronger, does it?"

"No, just makes you resistant. And even then, there are limitations to your immortality."


"I'll tell you about it later. Now, prepare for battle."


"Use me." I looked at her, not understanding what she meant. "I'll be your weapon." She said, glancing sharply at me.


She began to glow and began to shape shift. She flew into my head as a little orb of white fire, but then took the shape of a weapon! A spear. A white spear which was as long as me, not counting the blade. The blade was a sharp long triangular blade, held to the main body of the weapons by a white round gem ornament.

"So, I use you as a weapon?" I asked, holding the spear Lucifer had just turned into.

"Exactly." She answered telepathically. "You also have to use the ability of "Power Sharing"."

"What is that?" I wondered, not familiar with the concept.

"I won't go into details because I know your brain takes a while to process it all." This made me annoyed. "Basically, while you're using me, you get certain powers based off the powers I have. I share my power with you, because I know you don't have it by yourself." I sighed, knowing that arguing with her would only waste time. "Thanks to Power Sharing, you can obtain better reflexes, jumping power, and some strength. Now, at least tell me you know how to swing."

I chuckled. "Lucifer, don't worry about whether or not I know how to fight. For now, just tell me what powers I gain from you." I requested making her sigh. For the time, I kept a certain secret about my personality, which i would later reveal.

"I guess it can't be helped by choosing a weakling like you. When you're using me, you can manipulate light in the form of beams. You'll get the hang of it pretty quickly, I guess. To shoot a beam, you focus on an extremity of your body, like your hand, and focus on the image of a thin line. That will most likely be the best way to explain it for rookies."

"I guess I understand." I said, hesitant at first. Could I really shoot light beams? I looked at my hand, as snow began to fall from the sky right above me. "Snow? Oh yeah! It's the beginning of the year."

"This is no time to be stating the obvious." Lucifer scolded me. "You have to go fight the demon!"

"Ok, ok, but where do I-?!" I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my stomach. Something had sliced my body. I fell from the small platform surrounding the rod of the top of the Tokyo Tower and fell down it, near its walls. I think I was near losing consciousness. And was about to, if it wasn't for what I heard next.

"Sakuma!" Lucifer called my name and I made a quick somersault so my fight would be pointing towards the ground. I used Lucifer in the form of Lance in order to stop the fall, stabbing it against the wall, slowing down my fall, eventually stopping me. I was halfway down to the sight level of the Tower. "Oh. Nice thinking, I must admit."

"Won't I using you as a weapon hurt you or anything of the sort?" I asked, worried, putting my feet on the wall, making sure I wouldn't fall so easily.

"I don't feel pain in this form, don't worry. Now, focus on your enemy, weakling."

"Oi, oi." I spoke, narrowing my eyes towards the tip of the spear. "No de-motivating the fighter, ok? Anyway, where did the attack come from?"

I looked around the area, but couldn't see anyone. "Sakuma, you're about to be attacked." Lucifer warned. I heard the wind rushing behind me, and that was my warning that the attack would come from behind. I quickly ran with the help of the wall, still grabbing the spear, which was stuck on the tower, making me flip frontwards. I felt the air current beneath my body, telling me that I managed to dodge the attack. I completed the flip and landed on Lucifer Spear, with a stable balance thanks to holding the wall next to me.

"Who's there?" I asked, demanding the reveal of my enemy. Suddenly, a figure appeared on the top of a building nearby. It looked like a man with incredibly spiky hair, sunglasses, and military-like dark clothing. He also held a pair of curved blades, almost equal to scythes. "Lucifer, is that…"

"Yes. That's a demon." Lucifer answered, confirming my thought.

"Hahahahaha! Are you a demon as well? Because I doubt you're a human to be able to survive my attack." He spoke, adjusting his glasses.

"What's your name?" I asked, curious.

"I forgot about that useless thing. When you live in Hell for so long, you start forgetting all kind of stuff! My name is not important!" he answered. "All I want is to be free to do whatever the hell I want to. Starting with raising havoc."

"Demons are, in the end, corrupted souls. It is probably the darkness of his corruption talking."

"There's still a lot I have to learn about Hell. But right now, I have to defeat this bastard." I spoke, glaring at the Demon.

"Defeat me? You must be dreaming to think you can do something like that! Ejji-fū! (Wind Edge)" he suddenly disappeared and I felt a strong slash across my body again, which pushed me along with the attacking opponent. I crashed against the roof of the nerbie building, with two huge gashes on my abdomen, and the opponent on me, making me unable to move at all. He held his blade close to my throat. "What? All talking and no doing?"

"Lucifer!" I called for help. The spear stuck on the tower turned into a white fireball and it quickly moved towards me. The spear formed in my hands again, and I used the main body of it to push the Demon off of me. I quickly jumped up, but the pain on my torso acted up. "Gah…"

"Don't worry. Your body heals pretty quickly compared to that of a human." She was right. Before I knew it, the gashes on my stomach healed completely.

"I still feel the pain, though not as much…" I said to myself, feeling the pain disappearing. After all, it wasn't nearly as painful as the punch Satan had given me the day before. "I guess Satan did help me with that punch."

"No, she just wanted to punch you." Much to my disappointment.

"Hey! Don't ignore the demon that is trying to kill you! Ejji-fū! (Wind Edge)" He disappeared again, but hearing those words made me pose Lucifer so the attack would be stopped. Which it did. Well, after my feet were dragged alongside the roof of the building until I was at the edge of it.

"Piss off!" I spoke, pushing him away with the spear, making him step back. I held Lucifer on my left hand alone, and pressed my right hand against his stomach.

"What are you…?!"

"Logic of Video-Games, don't fail me now! Raito Bīmu!" (Light Beam) Doing as Lucifer had taught me, with a lot of luck, I managed to fire a thin beam from the middle of my palm, pushing him away. He fell to the floor screaming in pain, rolling around, holding his stomach. "What the…"

"Light is poisonous to all demons with the exception of myself. After all, originally, I was an angel." Lucifer informed. But that raised even more questions.

"But what about the sunlight? I know it's snowing, but…"

"They can't bear it. That's why they only appear on days that sunlight won't touch them directly. Like storms or snowy days."

"Damn it…" The demon stood up again. "Arashi Kattā!" (Storm Cutter) He swung his blades around in a circular fashion, releasing multiple air cutting waves towards me.

I narrowed my eyes and spun the spear, striking the waves with the blade, destroying them. I could see that the demon was surprised. And Lucifer as well.

"Wow. I wasn't expecting that from you." She admitted, making me chuckle.

"Thanks." I replied.

"Wh… What the hell are you?!" the demon asked, showing fear towards me. I smirked.

"I am…" I ran towards him. He tried to slash me, but I blocked the blades with the spear. Then, when his arms were both pulled back in order to strike me with a harder blow. I stuck the base of the spear against the ground and jumped up, holding the spear, lifting myself up. The blades clashed against the spear, and I landed on his shoulders. I withdrew the spear from the ground, now holding it with both hands, the blade pointing down right above his head. "Sakuma."

"Eh?" I stabbed down his skull with the spear, but he didn't have the reaction I was expecting. "Gah! T-That doesn't hurt a lot. It itches though."

"Pride is a Sin." I spoke. "Supiningu Sukaru!" (Spinning Skull) I jumped and hurled him up towards the air, making him spin towards the clouds. I landed on my feet and held the spear with my left hand and pointed it up towards the demon, who was somersaulting against his will. "Gō Tu Hebun!" (Go To Heaven) I fired another light beam, but this time a thick one through the spear, which I assumed would increase the power of it. And I was right. The Demon fell back not so long after the attack, rolling in pain, and didn't seem to stop.

"I'll project the portal and he'll go to Hell." Lucifer informed, as I felt something inside my chest, like when I got here to Earth. I looked at the demon and spoke to him one last time.

"Go to hell." I saw the portal form beneath him and he fell into what I could only assume to be hell. The portal closed and the spear transformed back into Lucifer. I looked at her with a smile, but flinched when I saw her look. She was glaring at me, almost like I said something very, very stupid. "W-What's the matter?"

"Seriously? I mean, seriously?! Go to hell?!"

"W-What? Why are you mad at me?"

"That was such a stupid line! and why were you naming your attacks?! And don't get me started on that thing about "Video-Game Logic"." Lucifer said, much to my disappointment. I mean, those were awesome names for attacks, and an amazing line! "Well, that's what I get for an idiot to do the job."

At first I was confused, but then smiled. Why, you all might ask? Because I was promoted from weakling to idiot.

"C'mon. Let's go back. You won't do any more work today, since it's your first. But tomorrow I expect at least 3 demons, you hear?!"

"Hai, hai." I answered with a wide grin. She was confused, not understanding my smile, but she decided to ignore it. And then, we returned to Hell, in other words, my home.

My name is Sakuma. I made a Deal with the 7 Deadly Sins. This was my first day on my new life, and the day I no longer was a "weakling".

A/N: Sakuma's first attack, Light Beam, is actually a pun. He uses his right hand for the attack. "Right" and "Light" are pronounced the same way in Japanese (Katakana).

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