Make em happy
Make em laugh
let them forget life's tough
keep em joking
keep it fun
there's never quite enough

Their lives are hard
so's your own
you've learned to deal
as you've grown
but they don't know
so you can't show.
hide your fears
with your tears
where noone ever sees.

Class joker, class clown
keep em laughing by messing around
Never shown what's hidden deep down
Keep your frown upside down.

paint your face
dye your hair
may look silly
but who cares
a solemn kid
just laughed over there
first time ever.

Hide the things that mess your head.
Hide what fills your heart with lead
Play the fool and laugh instead
Never worry about street cred.

Laugh and joke
let them poke
fun at you,
that laugh was true.
what else can you do?