The sweetest sin.

Chapter one: J'ai besoin de toi.

The moment Kimberly walked into the church she felt the love in the air. Her best friend was getting married to the man she truly love, as the maiden of honour she needed to be there for her best friend. Kimberly was in no state of mind to be anywhere, especially a place this romantic. She secretly wished she never had left her bed this morning.

Kimberly wasn't sure if she even believed on true love anymore. After everything that had happen with her ex-boyfriend. He had made it easy for her to never believe in love again.

She hated to admitted she was jealous of Alyssa's perfect relationship, She wanted to believe one day she would find a love like theirs, however her hopes disappear bit more each day. She knew if she had it her way it would happen sooner than later, although reality was different. She just wanted to stop hurting.

Ever since Kimberly was little she dream of having the perfect family a house on the suburbs a loving husband who would be there for her with unconditional love, but it hadn't happened for her. Destiny wanted different things for her. The last man she had dated had been unfaithful. Kimberly thought she had found the love of her life, she truly had believed it. Joey was different from any other guy she had ever dated. They had dated for two years. Two wasted years she thought. Kimberly felt dumb for believing he wanted a future with her. things weren't what they seem she didn't know he was unhappy with her. she wished he had been honest with her. After the break up she had been a zombie, only going out when she needed to, which wasn't often. She couldn't handle running into Joey. Her life for the pass two years had been all about Joey. For the first time in her twenty-three years of life, she didn't know where she stood with her life. she didn't know who she was without him.

Kimberly couldn't deny it she was hurting badly, even though she tried showing everyone she wasn't, she couldn't allow anyone to believe how deeply hurt she was. she wished she had never went to see him that morning perhaps things had been different. she couldn't believe she actually thought that. Deep inside she needed to know why Joey had done it.

She had decided to visit Joey that morning they hadn't seen each other for a few days. When she got to his office, Joey's secretary said Joey was out for lunch, wanting to know where he was she called his cell phone, after the second ring she could hear a phone ringing coming from Joeys office. When she demanded to know the true, his secretary wouldn't say anything, pushing her away from the door she walked into his office that's when she saw him sitting at his desk eyes closed, relax. Until he saw Kimberly. The woman between his legs got up looking shocked like she was the one offended. Before he could say anything Kimberly was out the door. They hadn't talk ever since. She tried everything to avoid Joey, not wanting to talk to him.
Kimberly tried to get that out of her head, it only hurt her more thinking about Joey. Forgetting about her problems she tried to pay attention to what was going on in front of her, which was hard for her to do, she had thought Joey and her would had ended up getting married. They surely had talked about it, and they both had agreed that's where they were heading. It had all been a lie.

Kimberly couldn't stop looking at Alyssa the way she looked at Henry, she look so happy. Alyssa was a very lucky girl, Henry only had eyes for her. she was thankful to have a friend like Alyssa the weeks after she had found out about Joey's deception Alyssa had been her rock. One day after many crying nights Alyssa had come over to her apartment demanding she needed to get out and forget about Joey. That night Alyssa took her out to a bar, for the first time in weeks, she could think about something other than Joey. Kimberly wanted to forget about him, though she was nowhere ready to be out in the dating world just yet.

Kimberly was brought back to reality when she saw the man who hunted her dreams as a teenager.