A/N: just a dark little happy poem I wrote a couple years ago, found, and edited. Hope you like.

Allusions: Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Narnia, Peter Pan, Labyrinth, Brahm Stoker and Edgar Allan Poe, and the "dark side/cookies" meme.



Down in the Underground

there be monsters and freaks,

who drink poisoned-apple tea and riddle me this:

why is a raven like a writing desk?


Beyond the wardrobe doors and

onto a blood and snow set,

we rave and enrage and we never go to bed,

for we are the demons in the nightmares of kids.


Down to the Underground:

On your way don't make a sound.

Silence and scream make up our beat;

we are the sinners you cannot defeat.


Down in the Underground,

we're the wildest to be around.

We're the most insane you'll ever meet.

Things are about to get crazy so hang on to your seat.


Here in Never Neverland we never grow old,

we just lust after Stoker and Poe.

So arm yourself against our guns and knives.

Our obsession with death makes us feel alive.


Welcome to the Underground,

we're so glad you could come around

to this castle beyond the Goblin City.

So now do come and play with me

here where mystery and macabre roam free.

Yes, come to the dark side-

we've got cookies.

Hope you enjoyed.