Chapter 1: Waiting in the Wings

A lanky adolescent with light brown bristles for hair bit his lip and tried to figure out where he'd gone wrong. Caramel brown eyes narrowed in concentration as he backtracked. In his opinion, the hardest part of training was tying bootlaces. The crisscrossing straps might have kept him from flying right out of his footgear, but it always took him three tries to get the pattern right. "Maybe if I was a Weaver, it would make more sense," he mumbled.

"Complaining?" asked a sharp voice.

"Merely clumsy," the youth replied, glancing sheepishly at his mentor. "Am I late?"

"As usual."

[100 words]

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Rough and Tumble will update weekdaily (Monday through Friday) with 100-word chapters. I adore the challenge presented by this kind of short-form writing. Here's hoping you'll enjoy the story as it unfolds little by little. ~Christa