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The Frog:

He noticed the frog first. It wasn't difficult considering the thing was right about eye level to him as he waited for the bus. He peered at it in the dim morning light, trying to get a bead on what it actually looked like, when the frog started turning, and then tilting away from him. He gazed at it rather confusedly, and barely registered a voice below the frog saying, "Not that I'm particularly offended, but you are standing a bit close for someone I have never met before."

He wrenched his eyes from the moving frog long enough to notice that there was a person underneath it that he was practically sniffing. After blinking a few times in surprise, he suddenly felt rather stupid. He took a step backward and made an awkward apology first to the frog person and then to the person behind him that he'd just run into, shuffling around a bit to get himself a more socially acceptable distance from everyone involved.

The frog person... girl with a frog hat grinned as she looked at him. "Too little sleep or too little coffee?" she asked.

He looked at her blankly as his brain frantically tried to digest all of the information thrown at him, before settling with, "I'm sorry, I'm not a morning person."

She laughed once and patted his shoulder companionably. "It's all right, at least you're amusing when you haven't woken up yet. That'll do you well I'm sure. I'm much more grouchy when tired. I guess it's a good thing I'm awake then, huh?"

The tilt of her head and the rising intonation of her voice seemed to imply that she was asking a question, but he couldn't for the life of him figure out how to respond. After a few milliseconds, during which he could almost hear the hamsters losing their footing and just spinning around on the hamster wheels that powered his thought processes, he attempted a rather vague smile in the hope that that was the appropriate response. She nodded decisively, and his eyes flicked back to the frog in a vague worry that it might fly off her hat and hit him, but it stayed firmly attached.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce you," she said, gesturing to the frog. "This is Herman. Not a very frog-like name, unfortunately, but my sister who made him thought the name was somehow fitting, and I acquiesced to her longer period of acquaintance to him. I still think that the name should require an attached monocle, but I agree with her opinion that, in spite of his name, Herman is a bit too froggy of a stuffed frog to look good with a monocle."

It was starting to get lighter, and as the hamsters in his head finally began getting their act together, he actually managed to focus on the speaker below the frog. He was mildly surprised to find that she looked relatively normal. He rubbed his face with his hand in a desperate attempt to wake himself up more fully, but he could already feel the hamsters rebelliously dropping back off to sleep. He scowled slightly, with a mumbled "hamsters" to her questioning look, and then felt really dumb when she looked even more confused.

"Did you say 'hamsters?'" The question was kind of like adding insult to injury as he felt his ears heat up from embarrassment. His flustered gaze landed on the nearby bus shelter and he wondered if he could maybe jostle his brain into gear if he hit his head against it a few times.

He took a slow breath in an effort to calm his ears down and gathered his wits together enough to say, "It's nothing."

"Oh, come on!" Her voice rose slightly in irritation. "You can't just leave it like that! Now I'll be curious all day! Tell me please?" He was saved from answering by the approaching bus, at which the frog girl scowled. "Of all times. Come on, you may never see me again. Please tell me?"

He felt his face start to burn as well as he gave a brief and presumably incredibly muddled response dealing in brains and analogies, with maybe a few words about hamsters and hamster wheels thrown in there for good measure. The frog girl laughed once again, but she seemed pleased as she said, "Wow, that's super creative! I so need to start using it. Huh, I never would've pegged you as that type. Are you getting on too?"

He blinked as his brain slowly processed the conversation shift, and then shook his head after checking the bus number to be sure. "Oh. Well then, it was nice talking to you. See ya!" And then the girl and the frog turned around and made their way on to the bus as he vaguely gazed after them.

He decided that part of the problem was probably being in a state of shock, but he tried not to dwell on that too long as he looked down the road, waiting the arrival of his own bus.