Just a conversation

"I don't want to!" Someone said.
"Too bad, ya gonna have ta." The other one replied to the whiny complaint of the first.
"But why do we have to do this?" A third voice chimed in.

"Because we have ta." The second replied in frustration. "We're here so we have ta do it."
"I really, really, really don't want to!" The first told the others.
"Quiet boy, but he's right. This is dirty work. I don't like getting dirty." The third one said snottily.

"But they told us to do this, so we gonna have ta do this. Remember? She told us!" The second one argued.
"Well... You are right about that... Umm, well okay then. I'm in." The third voice agreed.
Both were now waiting for the first one to agree. "But... But..."
"We can't do it without you." The third said. "Yeah, she's right, you have ta help us."
"But... ah darn, fine I'll do it." The first finally gave in.

It was after this tiring arguing that Jake and his mother saw the giant beanstalk in their backyard the following morning.


"Ah man, you don't have ta pull so hard! They're mah leaves ya know?" The second protested.
Someone started to giggle at that when he suddenly yelped. "Ow, he hit me in my shin!"
"Do you even have a shin?" A third voice asked the first one. "We have stalks, not shins."
"Ya know, stop that snobby nonsense you're spouting." The second one told the others. "He still pulling ma leaves."
"Poor baby, your own fault I guess. You did after all wanted us to do this." The others said to him.
"If I had known he'd do this I would have not!" The second protested sadly.

Torture ended after a while though, for them, when Jake got into the castle.


"Oh no, he's coming down!" The first cried.
"What!? No way, Not ma leaves again!" The second protested again;
"Too bad, he's already half way down, I guess." The third said.
"Nah, he still pulling ma leaves! And it hurts!"
"You're wrong though, it's the other guy on top who does that." The third explained.
"What! I don't want any on top of me. Get him off! Get him off!"
"I don't want to!" The first cried again, afraid of doing something wrong.
"Wait, what's that boy doing down there?" The third asked worriedly.
"I dun care, but get this guy of off ma leaves!" The second cried out.
"Uh oh, he's cutting us down." The first one said.
"He's what! After all we've done for him, that ungrateful little ba-"
"I know, I know, but nothing to be done I guess." The third answered laconically.
"But I don't want to be cut off." The first wailed.
"Shut up!" the other two yelled at him.
"... Okay."

Then as the stalks cracked through and fell to the ground:

"I really hope that damn fairy had a good reason for making us do this. Ch, a stupid goose with golden eggs, yeah right."

The End