A/N: poem/song thing I wrote a couple years ago and recently found. Went through a lot of editing and I'm still not really happy with it, but oh well.

Time to Sleep


Go on, go on,

tell your sob story to the cameras

and the whispers will follow.

(just how you like it)


You run faster towards the finish line,

engulfed in flames with your crown.

Can't say you didn't want it,

no matter how hard you lie,


but when you go home at night

the pictures plague your mind.

(a learned insomniac)

It's time to put this to rest...


Cling to the holes in your psyche

as the line between dreams and reality blur.

Come away from the mirror (before you acknowledge the cracks).

It's time to sleep (to die).


Come on, come on,

you want to hear the screams.

(it's your brand of white-noise machine)

You trick them all into war of love-hate just for your sake.


You pretend not to claim your deceit.

You're a star, a freak;

you're frequently cheered and impeached.

You crave the suffering then say you abhor the pain.


Trust on, lust on,

but as your 15 minutes turn to hours

and the world devouring you alive becomes your fetish,

your end only draws farther (but closer than you realize).


Oh it's the price of fame;

you don't care what it takes if it pays.

Attention is your lover and tabloids your sheets,

Every murmur of your name brings your release.


You close your eyes to try and wish it all away,

but the situation stays the same,

and the voice inside your head

begs and begs and begs to be dead

(death draws even more turning heads)

Hope you enjoyed.