i've always wondered, since i first saw dean say it,
"god must be a sucky god or he must really hate people because why do bad things happen to good people," or something to that effect
i might have added on,
but there's never a moment that i don't agree.

i can't help but think
why do all those people die
when a natural disaster happens?

i can't help but think
how could someone do this
when people die in a shooting again?

and closer to home
i can't help but think
why the nicest and one of the prettiest girls i know
must suffer at home

she's told me it all
her dad has cancer
her mom works
she takes care of her brother
she has to get good grades
she still loves her family
one time she had to walk a couple miles in the rain to starbucks to upload an assignment where there was internet

she's told me all of these things
and i cry every time
and i wonder why?
why her?

she's too good for this pain
she shouldn't have to face this
why can't i take her place?
why can't i fix this?
i'm not nearly as good a person as her.

life isn't fair, i know
but that one instance is the most unjustice god has done in my life.
and i wonder

why would you do it?
why her?
why not me?
why not me.