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I pulled the sleeves of my sweater down over my hands as the taxi came to a stop. I didn't want to go here, but it wasn't like I had anywhere else to go. My parents didn't want me after they found out about my quirks. They were scared of me, and I couldn't say that I blamed them.

My name is Aubrey Reinhart, and I can make ice with my hands. It's not like it's anything cool, excuse my pun, or anything. I freeze everything that I touch and pretty much ruin it. I was a menace to society so it was better if I was with other people like me. Even more so that I was away from society.

I grabbed my bags from the trunk and forced myself to walk up to the door of the building. I sat one of them down by my feet and raised my hand to knock on the door. It swung open before I could touch it and I saw a blonde girl standing behind it.

"Hi, I'm Hannah-Beth. You must be Aubrey," she smiled, stepping onto the porch and taking my bag off of the step. "Come on in, I'll show you around."

I nodded and followed behind her reluctantly. She was way too perky and okay with her quirk to be normal to me. I hid mine, but she seemed to flash hers around like it was normal or something. I saw more kids scattered around the building and they all paused what they were doing to watch us.

"That's the game room slash lounge," she said first. "It's where we all go to hang out and stuff. The movie nights here and to die for."

We were walking past another room that I saw was filled with mostly guys. "That's the gym. A lot of us try to work off some of our energy so we our powers don't spike. It's one of the first things you'll learn when your training starts."

Powers. She seemed to think her problem was a power instead of a quirk. That was good to know for future conversations. I wasn't even going to think about training, it would give me way too much anxiety.

We walked up a staircase and into a hallway with doors on either side of it. Hannah-Beth stopped in front of a door with a blank white board on it. Her happy smile faded and she seemed to stiffen.

"This is your room, and I'm going to warn you, you're roommate is a total freak," she sneered, actually turning her nose up. "So is her little floaty friend."

I realized her choice of words a few seconds later and actually laughed out loud. Everyone here had fucking magical powers and this girl was supposedly a freak? Oh, okay. My laughter bounced through the empty hallway and seemed to sound foreign coming from me.

"If that's the case, I think we'll get along fine," I simply stated before knocking on the door. "I think I can take it from here. Thanks for the tour, Hannah-Beth."

She walked away with a toss of her curls over her shoulder and sway of her hips. I shivered, something I never did, and turned back to the door behind me. It was slowly opening to reveal another girl about my age.

"Hi, I'm Aubrey Reinhart," I said, half waving at her awkwardly.

"Look, Liza, you're finally getting a roomie!" a voice said from behind her, making her groan and flip him off.

"Ignore the asshole behind me," she said, stepping to the side and letting me in. "I'm Eliza Merriweather and this is my friend Aiden Masters."

"Why are we using last names? I'm confused," the guy sitting crisscrossed on one of the beds asked.

"He's sitting on your bed, by the way. Just kick him off of it," Eliza smiled, sitting on the bed beside mine. "He's pretty harmless, he just levitates."

To prove her point, Aiden lifted himself off of my bed and landed beside Eliza. "Yeah, it's not the coolest power in the world, but it gets me places."

"I think it's rad," I said, sitting my bags on my bed and perching on the corner awkwardly.

"It's okay to be scared, you know? I was when I first came here and so was Aiden," Eliza said after a while. "I turn into any feline I please, if that helps you feel better."

"I freeze things," I whispered, sucking my bottom lip into my mouth and avoiding both of their eyes.

"What do you mean, you freeze things? Do you have like ice vision or something?" Aiden asked, his eyes widening as he looked at me.

I picked up a bottle of water off of the desk and held it tightly in my hands. I concentrated on it and felt the familiar tingle in my hands. The bottle started to frost over and the water inside it started to turn to ice. When it was frozen solid, I sat it back on the desk and folded my hands in my lap.

"That's so cool! Can you, like, shoot ice out of your hands or something?" Aiden asked, leaning forward towards me. "That's such an awesome power!"

I shrugged and pulled my knees up, resting my chin on them. "It's okay sometimes, I guess, but it's not whenever it interferes with my life. Which is most of the time."

"What do you mean?" Aiden asked with raised brows.

"It sucks to be around people and be scared to touch them. I cover my hands with my sweater or gloves or anything I can so I don't have to touch people," I said, hysterical tears burning my eyes. "Excuse me, I have to use the restroom."

I walked out of the room and made sure I was outside before my eyes filled all the way. I sat under one of the trees that lined the school property and hid my face in my knees again. I felt my shoulders start shaking as all of my emotions overwhelmed me. I was never good with change, no matter where I was or how it happened.

"Uhm, hi, I didn't mean to interrupt what was going on here. I can leave you alone if you want…" a voice said, making me jump and pull my head up.

A guy with blonde hair quiffed up in the front with a beanie on the back of it and a lip ring was standing a little in front of me. He had on a torn Nirvana t-shirt and black skinny jeans with Vans and a hoodie. He had his hands tucked into the pockets of his hoodie and a shy look on his face. He was literally one of the most attractive guys I've ever seen.

I wiped my face with my sleeves and wrapped my arms around my legs. "No, it's okay. You can stay out here with me if you want or I can leave."

He sat beside me with his legs stretched out in front of him. "I'm Alexander Quinn."

He didn't extend a hand to me and I was really grateful. "I'm Aubrey Reinhart."

"So, why are you out here all alone? Don't you have a roommate or whatever?" he asked after a beat of awkward silence passed between us.

"Yeah, things got a little bit weird in there. She's okay, I guess, but her friend's a little bit suffocating," I shrugged, picking at the grass by my hip.

I groaned under my breath when I saw the grass crystalize. I pulled my hands back inside the sleeves of my sweater and tucked them against my stomach. I felt Alexander tense and move his hands close to his body like I did, and I felt my curiosity spike.

"Why are you out here by yourself? You've been here for a while, I assume, so you probably have friends," I said, talking too much. "Or maybe you're a loner, which is cool. I mean, I'm a loner, too. Maybe we can be loners together, if that's possible, even though I don't think it is. Oh my god, I'm still talking."

He was smiling and I saw dimples flashing in his cheeks. "I don't have many friends because I keep to myself. I come out here to think and get away from the insanity that is Brenner Academy."

"I can leave, this is obviously your spot. I'm sorry," I said, moving to stand up.

I felt his hand wrap around my wrist and felt both of us stop moving. I glanced down at where our skin was touching and saw something I didn't expect. My arm was freezing from my hand up and his seemed to be turning red the same way. Where our skin was connected, steam seemed to be rising off of it.

"What's going on?" I asked in a hushed whisper.

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