This is a poem about bullying and its potential causes and effects. The bystander is in regular font while the victim is in bold font.


Another boring day of school

Another dreadful day of school

I do the usual: shower, dress and eat breakfast

I do the usual: shower, dress and look in the mirror

I get my bag and head to the bus stop

I unhappily grab my stuff and go to the bus stop

I sit near the front, talking with my friends

I sit in the back, listening to rock music and looking out the window

My first class is Math. It sucks but what can you do?

My first class is English. It's pretty good.

This kid gets pushed in the hallway

I got pushed in the hallway again and my books fell

I went to help him and he pushed me back

I pushed the guy back and picked up my books

I was just trying to help but I guess he didn't want it

Maybe he was trying to help but I didn't need anyone's pity

Gym is great and we're playing football today

Gym is horrible and even worse, we're playing football

The quarterback throws to me but it gets intercepted

I throw to a receiver but the ball gets intercepted

We lost the game and it sucked

We lost the game but I didn't care

School was over so I headed to a friend's place

School was over so I headed home fast

I ate some chicken, broccoli and rice as I talked about our classmates

I ate some pizza as I played video games

I headed outside to get some fresh air

I had to get outside to take out the garbage

I saw this guy getting beat up down the block

I got jumped by some kids at my house and they beat me up

I realized it was the kid from school so I just played some basketball

Someone saw it but then they just turned around and left

I suppose it was his own fault for not standing up to them

I got rushed by them and when the cops came, they acted like they were the victims

I knew that something was going to happen

I knew that I had to do something

The next day, I saw the shocking news of what happened

The next day, I got my weapon and did my job

I can't believe that he did it

I can't believe that they were all shocked by it

Nobody, not even his enemies, saw it coming

They should have seen it coming so they deserved it

He killed a bunch of students before he shot himself

I killed the ones who were bullying me and then I ended it for good

You know, the only thing worse than the yelling, the shouting, the names, the taunts, the punches, the kicks, the choking was the silence