The alien invasion began in 2017. They slowly took over the world with a special weapon. A bomb that sent city blocks, neighborhoods and buildings into the past. The weapon was the chronobomb, and these college students are witnessing it's devastating effects.

The small group of college students sat around the small TV in Jacob's dormitory, the local news playing. They watched the reporter speak. She spoke of the alien invasion slowly taking over the world.

"Once again another city block has disappeared due to the alien attack. Thankfully the scientists have figured out where the buildings are going. They have called it the chronobomb, and have concluded that it is sending buildings hundreds of years to the past. Once the buildings disappear, history books, maps and other historical time lines are changing. Suddenly mentioning large stone structures appearing in already discovered places." Jacob flicked off the TV.

"I can't take this," Jacob said. "The world is slowly ending, and they didn't cancel college. Threatening us with penalization if we don't attend. THIS IS BULLSHIT!" He screamed. Someone in the room turned the TV back on.

"-also, we've just received word that the alien ships are mobilizing in this area, be on the lookout for any of the aircraft." The TV flickered before turning off. As did the lights.

"What's going on?" Lindsay said, her dirty blonde hair falling in front of her face. Jacob ran to the window and stuck his head out, looking up.

"Fuck..." he said. Above him, floated the large gray ship of the aliens taking over. "No, no no NO!"

"What is it?" Lindsay asked, fear laced in her voice.

"They're here." Without another word, people sprinted for the door. As they ran down the halls, they banged on the doors of other dorms, yelling for everyone in their rooms to get out of the building. Jacob neared the door, the entire occupants of the building trailing behind him. He burst through it, and was greeted with the same asphalt of the college campus. He began to sigh in relief, then he looked beyond the asphalt and past the gates. He saw a dense jungle, with trees the size of skyscrapers and mountains beyond them.

"No," he said, tears welling in his eyes. Everyone followed out of the room after, all just as shocked as Jacob. People screamed, tried their cell phones, knowing they wouldn't work. Some fell to the ground sobbing and others just stared in awe. Lindsay ran inside, where she was later found with slit wrists. After her short funeral, everyone met in the main room.

"Okay Okay everyone calm down. We can't panic. What we need to do is set up a form of government or something. Begin surviving." Jacob said "Because let's face there is no help for us. The aliens won't send us back and we can't get help from police or anything. It will be okay though."

"Quit lying, we're fucked!" Mark shouted from the crowd. The lecture continued with some agreeing with Jacob's statements and other arguing. It was two hours after the meeting ended when Chris, Jacob's best friend, came to him.

"Hey man, listen seven of the guys left, and took a lot of the food from the vending machines and lunch room."

"Dammit, well, let's search the campus, maybe they're hiding. While we're at it we could look for weapons or something. We still don't know where or when we are, so anything could be in those jungles."

"Hey," came a voice, Jacob and Chris turned around and found John standing there. "I heard about the weapons, maybe these will help." John went into his dorm and brought out a 30-06 rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun.

"Where'd you get these?" Chris asked.

"Smuggled them in when the invasion first started. Never know when aliens are gonna come and shoot at you." He tossed Jacob the 12 gauge and kept the rifle for himself. "Oh and Chris," he tossed over a Glock 28, along with two extra mags. "My entire closet is filled with ammo so that won't be a problem." In the distance multiple gunshots were heard.

"What the hell was that?" Chris asked.

"I don't know." Jacob said. The three ran down the hallway, following the sound of the shots, getting questioning looks when people saw the guns in their hands. The shots led to the professors' meeting room , where they found all of the professors dead, a group suicide.

"Holy shit," John said. They took the 9mm that was used. And closed the door, locking it on the way out.

Two more days went by, when they figured out what time period they were in. Everyone woke to the sound of screaming. John, Mark, and Jacob ran out, guns drawn.

Then they found it. Mary was standing there, and in front of her stood a dinosaur.

"B...but, they're supposed to be extinct." she stammered before fainting.