The apothecary gave out a cry of frustration, banging the table and causing the intricate assembly of beakers, flasks and siphons to clatter alarmingly.

Fifteen years he had worked on this concoction, fifteen whole years! All he had wanted was to make a more hygienic alternative to fertiliser. But no, of course the livestock crowd would get in the way, as if they would allow competition for their filthy trade. The death threats rang in his ears, his face going red as he grabbed a vial of the stuff, dashing it on the ground.

A pleasing smell wafted up his nose, and a little lightbulb clicked on in his head. He'd thought of a new use for his invention! He grinned, and rubbed his hands together with glee. Now he just needed a name for it. All the better if he could work in a subtle thumb of the nose at the crooks who would see him fail...

... And that's how shampoo was invented.