You captivate me,

I'm a prisoner in my own head.

Not because of your outer confidence,

Or even your tragic backstory,

Which you, like all good heroes have.

What captivates me is the things you don't say.

They silence that hangs between us draws me into you like a dying man draws breath.

Every word left unspoken is what keeps me hanging on.

There is no infinite wisdom behind your eyes,

There is nothing to worship in your form.

Somewhere in your mind, though, is a web of mysteries that I long to untangle.

It's as if you are a chain link fence, and I'm desperate to examine every link.

I see the picture on the outside, and I can glimpse beyond into the past,

But it's the mass of musings that I desire to learn.

My own thoughts try to mirror yours,

Struggling to break from this prison of curiosity.

You captivate me.