Chapter 1

I remember the first time I met him. The way his face lit up when he spoke to me. How he looked at me when I asked him for a cigarette, saying I looked a little young to be smoking. His eyes laughing at me, bright with interest as I told him a story.

A few weeks after that, he pushed his body close to mine and wrapped his arms around me as he pressed his lips urgently against mine. Forbidden love is what I called it. 30 year age difference and I was so in love with him.

But thinking of him always brings up bad memories. The way he snapped at me after we decided to run away and leave our old life behind. The money disappearing by the hundreds as I sat there and tried to understand it. But worse of all was when he didn't come home one night; his nephews telling me that he smoked crack and was sleeping around with prostitutes. I ended up turning myself in and figured out I had chlamydia.

The days following that were even worse than before. His voice stayed in my head for days after that, calling for me, but I vowed to myself to never trust anyone like that again. He is a nobody. A worthless crack head but I loved him. I wanted to marry him and start a family with him. Till this day, I would not betray him or hurt him the way he hurt me.

Betrayal will bring up the worse of demons. It will crush your hopes and dreams and make you into a cold, miserable person. It will bring evil straight to you in an instant. Who knew it could bring me to hell?