Chapter 3

The air smelled of rotting and burning flesh and blood. Screaming and moans of pain that made me cringe echoed off the walls of my cell. Looking out the bars, there was horrid creatures, things people will only be able to call demons and maybe they were,

I'm not going to lie, I was terrified to the bone of me. I gathered myself up and started pacing through the cell. I was in Hell? For what? All I remember is bits and pieces of my life, none were good. Drug addict mother, father was always in jail and my brothers wanted nothing to do with me.. I got kicked out at 16, where I lived on the streets for months. I shivered at the horrors I experienced during that short time. The streets are cold and uncaring, they will suck you up and kill you.

I shook my head at the thought and tried to figure out where I was. Hell wasn't a possibility for me, being strictly atheist but as I looked through the door, there could be no other explanation.

I had two guards outside my door, both looked like humans but had two extra arms under their regular arms and two black horns protruding from their long black hair. I shivered as another piercing scream echoed through my cell.

What the hell was I going to do? Where was I going to go? Loud footsteps were heard walking closer to me. I looked up to see Lord Damien walking in long strides.

"Bring her to the experiment room. Now!" he barked at the two guards as they hurried to unlock my cell. I pushed my back to the far wall and started to look for an escape. Before I could even think of one, the guards roughly grabbed me up, leaving bruises on my arm and carried me out. I screamed and thrashed around trying to get free. "Don't knock her out, I want to hear her scream"