Robin Hoods' Daughter

A longer summary

The story of the man who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, is well known throughout the world. What isn't known is that Robin Hood and his wife, Maid Marian, had a son. That son made a blood vow to keep his family legacy, and pass it through the generations. Now, nearly 6,000 years later, the legacy continues to grow. Every generation has passed it down from father to son. Until now that is.

In the year 6990 A.D. a girl is born to the name Locksley, and has broken the Locksley tradition of being Robin Hood. In this generation, the world is made up of twenty colonies. They are ruled by two kings and one queen. Colonies 1-8 are ruled by the beautiful Queen Elizabeth X, Colonies 9-16 are ruled by a fair king named Ryan, and Colonies 17-20 are ruled by the well-respected King Lysander. They all meet at the High Council every five years to discuss the progress of the colonies, but with King Ryan leading a war against Queen Elizabeth X, trying to take Colony Nine; he has left his kingdom in the dreadful hands of his brother, King Jarret.

In this new age only the rich can afford the super advanced technology that has been made. The poor have had to resort back to the Medieval Ages. When the world needs him, Robin Hood has always come to the rescue, but what if there is no Robin Hood to save it? This is the story of a girl who overcomes sexism and evil by sheer will and a kind heart.