I discovered a clearing in the forest near my home, and it was there that I saw a strange looking bird it was no bigger than a humming bird. I heard it before I saw it.

The small fluttering creature was trying to situate itself onto a small branch on a nearby tree. I stealthily crept closer for a better look.

as I got closer, the tiny creature shied back behind a few leaves.

"No, no. I'm not gonna hurt you, little thing," I tell it, sounding like an idiot immediately for talking to an animal that I know doesn't understand me.

But nevertheless, the tiny thing scuttled out from behind the leaves. Astonished, I just looked at the tiny leathery wings attached to it's back as they unfurled and wiggled as she crawled closer to me. I held my hand out for her to climb onto. For some reason I just thought of the small critter as a "she".

She climbed onto my hand after a few seconds hesitation. I slowly lifted my hand to look at the tiny dragon looking creature's leathery wings. They were a shiny silvery pink to match her body. She shook them out and I watched as the wings spread out to my fingertips and past my wrist.

I walked back to my little space between two of the trees that made a perfect place. For sitting. The tiny dragon, I had decided to call her Skoken, then crawled into my lap and curled up against my hip.

After she'd decided she was comfy, she let a thin curl of smoke drift from her nostrils as she slowly drifted to sleep.