Chapter Four

I didn't really act the way they thought I would. I didn't go into shock or burst into theirs or anything, I just looked at them both with my eyebrows raised.


Yuji and Bealzibub were both bewildered then Bealzibub laughed.

"So, we were worrying over nothing? And here I thought you would faint when you found out. You're really something Princess!"

I didn't really understand the severity of an angel trying to kill me, since, well… I've never been in danger of dying except for the time before I came here and got blasted in the chest. Yuji turned away.

"Let's get the fish, we can still eat them for lunch."

I started helping the both of them collect the fish, but I was really curious as to how they managed to show up so quickly after the explosion.

"Hey, Yuji?"


"Didn't you say you were going scouting, or something?"


"You also said you were going to be gone for some time."


"It's only been one hour… how did you get here so fast after the explosion?"

"I was… near."

"Oh, ok." I kind of got the feeling that he was hiding something from me. A huge tip of was that Bealzibub was trying not to laugh when Yuji spoke, but I let the matter drop for now. We all walked back to Yuji's house, and cooked the fish. It was pretty good, considering that Bealzibub cooked it.

While we were eating, Yuji seemed to be contemplating something. His brow was furrowed, and he didn't talk much until, finally, at the end of the meal, he spoke to me.

"Tomorrow, would you like to go to the market with me?"

I looked up in surprise. He had never invited me to go with him anywhere before. As if he could read my mind, he started blustering excuses.

"W…well, Bealzibub won't be able to go with me, and… and… you should be able to shop for your own clothes… and…" Yuji turned red.

"Of course! I would love to go!" I was so excited. I had never gone far from the house before, and I had never met anyone else in this world. Maybe I would get a chance to make new friends.

Bealzibub saw Yuji's discomfort and started teasing him.

"When did I say that I can't go with you?"


"And why can you take Rosa?"

Yuji shuddered visibly and looked at Bealzibub with disgust and revulsion.

"Her? NO. Do not even mention her name. She is like the…"

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Yuji paled and turned white.

"No… it can't be…"

Bealzibub looked questioningly at the door then rose from the table to answer it. Yuji looked terrified and began slowed inching away towards the window. Bealzibub turned the handle and the door burst open with a bang. A piercing cry rang out and a red haired blur rushed towards Yuji. He groaned and the person tackled him.

"Yuji! Darling! How have you been? I missed you so much! It seemed that I couldn't find you for some reason, then I heard my name and so here I am!"

The red haired blur turned out to be a girl about eighteen years old. She had on a bright yellow dress and her hair was the same color as Bealzibub's. Wait… come to think of it, she looks like Bealzibub… no, she looks exactly like Bealzibub. Bealzibub came from the door and stood next to her and I gasped. It was like looking at two carbon copies of the same person.

"Are the two of you twins?" I asked. At the sound of my voice, the red haired girl turned to me and gave me a fierce glare. If looks could kill, I'd be dead.

"W-what?" I stammered, wondering why she was looking at me like that.

"You… YOU…" She burst into tears and I backed away wondering if she was mental. "Yuji, how could you?! Even if you have me, how could you bring another girl into your house?! If you needed to fulfill your manly desires, you could have just called me instead of this slut!"

I gaped at her then exploded. She had just met me and she was calling me a SLUT?! I stood up and slammed my hands onto the table, then stormed over to her and punched her in the face as hard as I could. She reeled back and fell to the floor. Yuji and Bealzibub looked at me in surprise. I glared at her, my blood boiling.

"You are the slut, if you have the gall to call anyone else one! How dare you call someone you just met, someone you don't even know, a slut!"

I was shaking, trying to restrain myself from punching her again. Yuji suddenly grinned, something I had never seen before, and Bealzibub smirked.

"What, she deserved it!"

"Yes, we know, but usually no one ever gives her what she deserves because she has this aura around her…"

I paused and looked at her. "Aura? What aura?" I couldn't see anything weird about her, but looking at her made me want to punch her again. She looked up, shocked, then growled and was about to attack me, but Bealzibub strategically put himself between her and me.

"Ha ha ha… anyways, don't girls usually slap and scratch? Now I'm even more intrigued by you Princess."

I sighed, then sat down on a chair. "So? Who is she? Twin?"

Bealzibub smiled, still standing between Rosa and me, but it looked like he was shielding me from Rosa than the other way around.

"This is my younger sister, Rosa. Rosa, this is Melissa."

She flipped her hair over her shoulder in a total mean bully type of character and eyed me coolly.

"What is Melissa doing here? Yuji never lets anyone stay in his house except for Bealzibub, and that wasn't voluntary."

Yuji glanced at me, his face still pale then glanced back at the window, looking like he wanted to escape, but sighing resignedly he sat down on an unoccupied chair.

"Melissa is… here under special circumstances. Very special circumstances. We don't need to discuss this. I can choose who I want in my own house. It is my property. Speaking of which, I recall not letting you on."

"Aww, Yuji, you're so shy! I just absolutely ja' dore that in a man." She smiled seductively at him and blew him a kiss. His eyes grew wide as he stood up, knocking his chair over in the process. He raced over to Rosa so fast that it looked like he teleported and slapped his hand over her mouth. But before he could complete the action fully, I saw a flicker of something that looked like purplish red-ish flame in the shape of a heart form from her lips.

Blinking, I rubbed my eyes, but Yuji's hand was already on her mouth and the weird flame was gone. Yuji's hand was making a strange sizzling sound though… wait, what?

Yuji looked frantically at me, then he and Bealzibub exchanged glances. Yuji removed his hand and Rosa was blushing.

"Aww, you're such a shy boy." She crooned. "If you wanted to steal my kiss so much, I could have just given you one… why are you all looking at me like that? Eh…. could it be, she doesn't know?"

I glared. He condescending tone was grating on my ears. I resisted the urge to punch her… again.

"Know what?"

Bealzibub made no move to stop her, but he was looking at Yuji as well.

"..." Yuji made no attempt to say anything, and this was getting awkward so I broke into the silence.

"Before Rosa interrupted, I was told that we would me going to the market. Yuji, I'm still waiting on that promise."

He looked gratefully at me and grabbed my hand. "Yes, I did promise you that. Thank you for your visit Rosa, but as you can see, I already had a previous engagement. Let's go before it gets too late."

"Ehhhh?! Let me go with you! You don't want to spend time with her, I'm much more beautiful and, and entertaining!" Yuji grabbed my hand and stomped out the door quickly, pulling me along behind him."

"What? Wait, Yuji!"

We went along like that for some time, down the road, but then my hand started hurting and I got really annoyed.

"Ok, STOP." I panted. He was walking so fast that I had to jog to not fall. He didn't stop so I dug my heels into the ground in an attempt to pull my hand out of his grip, but that failed miserably. Instead of stopping him, I ended up tripping and falling flat on my face.

"GAH!" I yelled in pain and frustration. He finally snapped to attention and looked back at me, apologetically.

"Sorry! Are you ok?"

"Do you THINK that I am ok?!" He stretched out his hand, and taking mine, he pulled me up.

"What is with you?" I was really ticked off now. "I was so happy that you wanted to go to the market with me, but I refuse to go with you while you are like this!" What was with him?!

He looked down at the ground guiltily. "I… I'm sorry. I was just, lost in my own thoughts."

I calmed down and smiled at him. "Sorry, it was kinda my fault as well. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that. Let's go to the market, ok?"

He nodded, his face lighter, took my hand gently again and resumed walking. I wanted to ask him about that flame I had seen earlier, but I could sense that now was not the time, so I smiled to myself, gripped his hand tighter and walked together with him to town.