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"I'm not saying that we shouldn't strategize but how long do we wait to act? Until half the elemental communities are wiped out?"

"Olivia," my father said wearily. He and I had been arguing over the best way to approach the situation at hand.

"We have no information regarding this coven or these witches. We have no idea how far spread their attacks have been, and how do you suggest we even find them?" he asked.

"A witch that is able to take on form of another person can't be that difficult to track dad. A witch who killed a council member? Impossible not to find," I responded feeling frustrated with his lack of action.

"Regardless of how easily you may find them I'm telling you to wait. We're already down a council member and Walter and Scott are in transit now. You are not going to act alone especially considering how powerful this witch may be having already drained Kate," he stated. There was no room for argument against him and I knew that I would have to wait until the other two showed up before he would be willing to discuss and plan anything further.

"Go and call Sarah, update her on the situation and find out who is slated to take Kate's place on the council," my father ordered effectively dismissing me from his study. I walked out grumbling to myself about how unreasonable my father was currently acting.

I walked towards my room knowing I had probably left my phone in there earlier from when I was with practicing with Logan. I found my phone tossed carelessly on my bed and scrolled through my contacts until I found Sarah's name. I pressed call and waited as it rang. She picked up on the second ring and sounded hysterical.

"Sarah," I said calmly trying to calm her down and gather her focus on our conversation. "I need you to come to Rockwall."

"She's gone," Sarah sobbed.

"We need you here now, it's not safe there. You need to tell the community to head underground immediately."

She continued to sob although I could tell she was attempting to collect her composure. She parroted back what I had told her and we exchanged goodbyes hanging up. I sat on my bed knowing that I couldn't act against my father's order. I was unwilling to put myself at risk but I knew I could track the local coven and gather information from them that would put us one step closer to finding these other witches. Deciding that I was technically not disobeying my father I left my room in search of Blake knowing he would assist me.

Blake was in the kitchen staring blankly at the island in the middle of the kitchen. After explaining what I had planned to do, he readily agreed to go with me despite my warning that my father would not be happy with us. Blake has and always would be my partner in crime though despite the consequences. I told my mother that Blake and I were going out to spend some time in Rockwall's strip because we wanted to get some fresh air. She agreed that it would probably be a good idea and ushered us out of the house. The strip was Main Street in Rockwall and contained a row of shops and restaurants. I agreed to let Blake drive and I gave him the address of where I knew a local witch lived.

We spoke little during the drive to her house because we were both deep in thought.

"You ready for this?" I asked Blake once we had parked in front of a modest rancher in the outskirts of town. I opened my door and stepped out of the car before Blake could answer because I knew Blake was ready and probably had been for a while now. He took the deaths of the elementals in his community extremely tough because he felt as though it was his direct responsibility.

"Think she's home? What's her name?" Blake asked as we walked up the driveway making our way to the front door and waiting patiently after we rang the bell.

"Lydia," I said in a sing song voice. No one had opened the door yet but both Blake and I could feel being air elementals that someone was standing there behind it. "Open up please."

We waited for a minute unsure of whether or not we should just open the door ourselves. If it had been anyone else Blake and I would never use our powers to intrude upon them but this was an important matter and her unwillingness to open up for us led me to believe she knew exactly what was going on.

"Open the door Lydia or I'll burn your home and force you out," I told her rather pleasantly. Blake rolled his eyes and used a gust of wind to blow the door down.

"You didn't need to be such a show-off," I muttered to him stepping on the fallen door and entering the house. Blake followed closely behind me and we were both on high alert to our surroundings. I stopped in the doorway from the hall to the living room and stared at Lydia who sat on the couch.

"She's been spelled," I sighed walking closer towards her and taking in her still form. It was eerily still, so still that she wasn't even blinking. She sat rather rigidly on the couch and I wondered how long she had been like this.

"We should leave love. This doesn't feel right," Blake said and I nodded agreeing with him. We quickly left the house and made our way back to the car.

"So did she spell herself or did someone else do it? Because we both know that someone was moving around in that house," I pointed out to Blake as he drove back towards town.

"Could be either. We should contact your trackers and find out if they know anything about any strange activity," Blake said casually.

"Could it be possible that a coven is trying to take over all the covens?" I pondered trying to come up with a few theories that may make sense.

"Possibly but I can't see all the covens just agreeing with it and falling in line."

Blake parallel parked on Main Street in front of RJ's Coffeehouse. Rockwall was a bit out dated and you certainly wouldn't find a Starbucks around. Most shops were owned and run by the same family for generations. RJ's was a favorite spot among us locals and it was a great place to catch up on gossip, which is why I assumed Blake decided to stop.

Blake held the door open for me and I entered scanning the shop. I noticed a few elementals and waved to them. Most of the patrons looked familiar to me although I certainly couldn't name them all. Blake picked a table near the front window and we both ordered coffee with cream and sugar.

While sipping our coffee we traded theories on what was currently happening. We both agreed that it was probably a power struggle within the covens, so we'd have to look further into that. After brainstorming ideas for how we could gather information we fell silent. It was in that moment that I looked up and out of the window and was extremely startled to see Lydia staring back at me. I quickly got up, walked briskly out of the coffee shop, and ran across the street to the bench I saw Lydia sitting.

"Olivia," she said with a smile.

"I just came back from your house, I'm surprised to see you here," I said casually unsure of what was going on.

"I just needed some fresh air you know?" she said lightly still staring at me. Her staring was beginning to unnerve me.

"Absolutely," I agreed.

There was a brief bout of silence before she began to speak again.

"It's great seeing you Olivia, but I'm much more excited to see Scott."

I froze realizing finally that this was not in fact Lydia. I cursed myself for not listening to my gut. I was unsure how to react knowing that we were in broad daylight on Main Street in the middle of the day. Deciding I needed to do something to not allow this witch to have the upper hand I stepped close to her.

"I'm sure he'll be excited to see you too," I told her with a wicked grin. I gripped her in a hug suddenly and felt my body temperature begin to rise. I heard her low groan as I burned her. "Don't fuck with me because I'll kill you."

I released her and realized I may have held on to her a bit too long. She looked red like she had sunburn, however her hands and arms, which had not been covered by clothes looked like she had been in a fire. The skin was peeling and discolored and she winced looking at them.

"Grab her!" I heard Blake hiss at me. I turned towards him for a second seeing him frantically waving and I turned around to immobilize her only to realize she was suddenly gone.

"Don't distract me!" I hissed back at him feeling incredibly angry at myself for letting her go. "I had it under control."

Blake and I argued the whole way back to the house and we continued arguing even as we walked through the front door.

"Next time trust me Blake!" I finally spat exasperated with the argument. "Just because I haven't been around the past few years doesn't mean I forgot our training."

Spinning away from him I walked up the stairs wanting to hide in my room until dinner. I felt frustration towards Blake's distrust in my abilities and my inability to act quickly enough to immobilize and contain her. I brushed the tears I felt forming from my eyes and bumped into someone. I apologized and looked up figuring it was Logan about to yell at me too.

"Oivia I presume?"

Unlike all other council members whose eyes were two different colors, his eyes were blue so icy they looked unnatural. I stared at him a moment before realizing he had spoken.

"I'm sorry yes. Scott right?" I said extending my hand to shake his.

He nodded and we both stared at each other for a second longer than was probably appropriate. He certainly didn't seem like he could bring death and destruction to our community. He was thin, but not overly so, with light brown hair and a clean-shaven face. He stood taller than my 5' 8" at probably a little over six feet, around Blake's height.

"If you need me I'll be in here," I told him gesturing to my room. I then realized that was probably inappropriate since now I just invited him in my room. I gave him a weak smile and quickly retreated before I made it more awkward.

After settling myself on my bed I began to run through the information Blake and I had been theorizing before our argument. I sat up with a gasp realizing that there was a possibility that Kate was still alive if the witch's antics today were anything to go by. It was quite possible that she had spelled Kate, which would've stopped her from communicating with anyone even Dianna. I opened my door and ran to my parent's bedroom wanting to share my theory with my father. I was surprised to see Scott sitting there speaking with him but I continued to walk in regardless.

"Kate could be still alive," I told my father quickly interrupting their conversation.

"Unlikely," Scott said quietly.

"That witch spells people I think before taking on their form," I explained in a rushed manner ignoring Scott and specifically addressing my father.

"She's dead Olivia because I killed her."