You have to watch the music vidoe to understand the story!

It was an evening, a boy with blonde hair, he looked about sixteen, he was giving a ride to another sixteen year old, with brown hair.

The blonde haired boy was named Ryan, he wore a blue t shirt and jeans. He always gave the boy a ride home from school.

The other boy, always wore a navy blue sweatshirt and jeans. His name was Devon.

The car ride was quiet. All you cloud hear is the tires on the ride.

Devon doesn't talk much, he just kept to himself.

Ryan looked at Devon. "So, how was school?"

"It's okay, I guess," he replied with a sigh. He never smiled, he doesn't have any friends. Only Devon is his the person he talks to, but he doesn't get personal with him.

"Why don't you have any friends?" Ryan asked.

"I stay away from people, like you even care."

They took a turn down Devon's road.

"You shouldn't."

"You just don't understand, " Devon said.

Devon's house was the first one, he pulled in his driveway. "I'll be here to pick you up in the morning. "

Devon didn't say a word, he had his hand on the handle getting ready to open the door.

Ryan saw scars on his wrist, he shook his head.

Devon got out of the car, and Ryan drove off.