The woman's tears tracked down her face as she ran barefoot through the wood. When she finally stopped, all was quiet, the sounds of destruction behind her muffles by the snow. The child she carried was no more than a babe, and yet she was silent, watching her mother with pale red eyes. Lady Agathe Liulfr wore a grim smile as she looked down at the child with sadness in her kind eyes.
"I can save her," Lady Agathe looked up in fear. It wasn't a man that had spoken, but a Dire Wolf unlike any she'd seen before. His black fur seemed to be made of the night itself, his eyes a blood red that peered out from a wolf skull over his own head. "I can save her," the wolf spoke again as Lady Agathe stared at the very wolf the family crest had portrayed. She trusted this beast, even knowing he could very well decide to kill both her and her child.
"What do you ask in return?" Lady Agathe almost wished not to know when the wolf answered.
"I ask only that the child not remember this day, and for your own soul," Lady Agathe already knew her answer, she knew she would die. She smiled down at her child for the last time.
"Goodbye, my child," she pressed her lips to the babe's forehead in a silent kiss before she lifted her up to the wolf. As the wolf took the child's wrapping gently in his teeth, he watched as the life left the woman's eyes and the darkness came from behind. "Thank you," her voice was a whisper as the ice and death consumed her, the last remnant of Castle Wulfe.