As Captain Alias Hanilay struggled to regain her footing, she cursed the Wyspa crown and all of the Ravi family. As lightening flashed across the sky, threatening to add 'fire' to her list of problems, Alias started back toward 'The Voyager's' helm. The call came from high above her head, a warning of danger, and as she glanced towards the source of danger, fear nearly froze her to the spot. A wall of water taller than Castle Isole threatened to crush her ship, steadily moving closer.
"To port! To port!" Alias broke into a run, slipping on the soaking deck as she shouted at the helmsman.
"We can't out run it, Captain!" the man shouted back and Alias glared, her eyes matching the stormy waters.
"Would you rather try to out run it with the rest of it? Or sit here and die," her voice became a snarl, "because I can arrange for that," the helmsman stared for a moment before turning the ship to portside while Alias called for full sails.
"What the hell," she turned toward her quartermaster as he trailed off, his gaze on the horizon. The sails are what gave the ships away as Man-o-Wars, the silhouettes barely visible through the fog.