by Katje Kaase

she talked incessantly
about stuffed pea pods
black tie affairs and
drama filled with fluff
she walked straight
and tall
because the stick was
shoved too far up
an orifice that was not
intended for this purpose
but there she was
and I was just the droll
invisible dolt who did
not fit into the extravagant
and plastic world
of caviar and laughter
a phony life of pretty
children and petty
problems of china and
hors d'oeuvres -
relative to wars and poverty,
mundane things of no

even her ecstatic outbursts
of haughty trilling laughter
betrayed her arrogance
although the very air
that beheld her existence
shied away and blew it
back up to the stick that
hovered where it did
not belong...

January, 2014