This is the story of why Persian Cats have mushed in faces.

Well, one day; A cat caught another cat with their mate, so they went off on them.
"Gurl, I knew you a skank!" Alicia hissed. Cat B (Cleo) fluffed out her tail. Only three words came to mind.
"It wasn't me..." Alicia's mate (Gavin) kept looking from Alicia and Cleo, nervous as s**t. Either way, he was gonna get neutered.

"I swear, I punch yo face so far in; your grandchildren gonna be f***ed up!" Alicia yowled, and Cleo rolled her eyes.


Alicia punched in Cleo's face and neutered Gavin. "Don't cha' roll ya eyes at me!"

And from then on; Persians have mushed-in faces... Messed up, I know right?