She strolled into my life like a summer breeze and she left behind the damage of a hurricane.

The world wants you to believe that boys are the heartbreakers and that it's always girls left to pick up the pieces of their lives but they never tell you that there are some girls who can take your breath away with one slow smile and girls who can shatter your knees with a touch and girls who can steal your life away from you while you're intoxicated with the molten gold that flows through your veins at the sight of her and I wish they had, oh how I wish they had warned us because now I'm left here standing alone in this crowded room and I'm wondering how colours are pulsating around me but nothing ever lights up now that she's gone.

Some days I go to the coffee shop at the corner that I used to be a regular at and Eva, the lady behind the counter smiles kindly and says hesitantly, as though her words are padded so they won't hurt as much, "how are you doing... nowadays?' and I try to smile but my lips are frozen and they won't open, as though they are determined to hold in the last kiss she ever gave me, as though they're still holding back all the words I should have said, I should have said but Eva understands and she hands me my coffee and I clutch it as though it will tether me to this cold place even though I was gone a long time ago.

When I'm in the hallways at school I keep my head down and once I caught a flash of red hair and my heart skipped a million beats and I stopped in my tracks but it wasn't her and it never will be her because I always loved her far more than she loved me and that was why she left, and I could see the scene in front of me as though it was yesterday but in my world it was always yesterday and part of me had died when she'd grabbed my hand and said "Baby, I'm sorry but you and I are too different for this to work." and I had stood there in silence as the only light in my dark world walked away from me, her flaming hair dancing in the autumn breeze. By different I knew she meant that her world was full of plans and hopes and travelling and beauty and I was the marked man, the boy who lived by moonlight and stayed up until three am writing down all the blackness that filled my mind, I was the boy who couldn't be healed and she was the girl whose blood was sunlight.