Chapter 1 the Dream

There I was again running breathlessly down an endless hallway. Running for survival, running for my LIFE. It was dark yet a few ominous rays of light were peering through the concrete ceiling above, it was freezing yet I was uncontrollably sweating, doors surrounding every inch of the walls around me yet all sealed shut. I felt like I was trapped in a never ending labyrinth with the walls slowly closing in as I continued to run forward, as much as my aching legs protested my will power and that single glitter of hope which was still residing within my lively pumping heart were the only two things urging me to continue, urging me not to give up. But my efforts weren't in vain, cause all of a sudden my eyes spotted a pinch of light from a ahead 'a way out' I quickly and cheerfully presumed, I tried accelerating my speed –not that I thought my legs could handle any more strain- I soon felt the light getting closer and brighter 'almost there just a little bit closer'. I took an instant slide to break my speed and there I stood inches away from it, irrepressibly panting. 'Finally after 2 years I finally made It' shivers ran down my spine I could just feel my heart pounding against my ribs as if trying to escape, I felt an intense emotion of joyfulness and fear as I slowly reached out to taste the sweet freedom my mind and body deserved, my hands slowly reaching out to the light 'yes you can do it'. When abruptly that tiny glitter of hope faded as some long bony freezing cold fingers grabbed my left shoulder –with which I felt severe pain-I let out a giant gasp and just stood there frozen in tremendous terror. I could feel its blood pulsing through its veins- with such skinny fingers who wouldn't have- my body shivering now more than ever as its long sharp claw like nails were piercing into my left shoulder blades, its breath flew out like smoke from a cigar the moment it moved its lips and I could smell the terrible odor of blood, flesh and…..death. As it opened its mouth the words came out as if trying to needle their way through my ear drum, its voice worse than screeching siren .My heart skipped a beat as the 7 most terrifyingly fearful words came out of the creature's mouth "you thought you could escape FROM ME!" .

At that moment my eyes spun open and my whole body creped with fear as my back stood up from the comfort of my bed. My lungs breathing heavily as if I were out of breath, my legs aching as if I ran an 8 kilometer marathon, my hands almost frozen and my mind greatly disturbed, so in other words it was just another usual Monday morning. I threw my legs off the bed, took a deep breath and signed saying "here we go again". I reached for my clothes, got dressed and was ready for another torturous day of high school. I pulled my hair up in a high ponytail, and when I was making some finishing touches my eyes spotted a picture, taken when we had our family picnic 3 years ago, pushed into the frame of the mirror 'my used to be happy family, huh! They were right good times never last forever' I kissed my deceased father's picture goodbye and said to it "I miss you, if only you were here". I got ready and started heading down stairs, when I reached the bottom of the staircase I almost tripped on a wine bottle just lying there on the floor as always, I picked it up as well as the others ones, which trailed into the living room and trashed them in a garbage bag and then looked up at my drained away mother lying on the couch again. I tucked up my mom's blanket up and kissed her forehead goodbye then headed through the living room door whilst throwing the garbage bag over my shoulder, I glanced at my mom one last time with a pitiful look in my eyes "Oh, mom I really hate seeing you like this". I trashed the bag near the trash cans and started making my way down the pavement.

A few years ago my dad quit his job as banker to go join the army because he wanted to support our country, he said 'it was a more rewarding job for him' and that'his life needed some adventure' he was always an adventure seeker I guess that's where I get it from any way we weren't really happy with his decision but we supported him because that's what families are supposed to be, supportive. But unfortunately we were right to worry because he never came back from his first mission. After his death my mom really threw herself away she started drinking, gabbling and crying herself to sleep every night and now even though 2 years passed by my mom made it a regular habit of hers to come home drunk every night after work and just passing out on the couch like that. Things really fell apart, I had to take up a part-time job and we also had to sell our old house for a tiny apartment in the city. Life became much more real, that's when all those happy memories just faded away like a stain of water leaving no trances of them ever existing. But luckily during these difficult times there was one person who always stood by me, my best friend Jonathan.

John and I have been friends for as long as we can remember. He's the coolest and the most funniest person you could ever meet; his parents are both world class novelists who wrote a dozen of novels which are still on the best-seller list, but him on the other hand not so much of a writer. He's a great athlete though, unlike his parents he's more of an outdoorsy type and not to mention he's the most popular guy in school since he is the captain of the football team, girls literally drool over his strong anf fit biceps. He lives 3 blocks away from my house; he owns a car-unlike me-so he is my usual ride to school.

I soon reached John's house, it's located in the more civilized part of town, it's one of those more elegant structures with a large red triangular shaped roof and teak wooden window frames, a large garden and a backyard pool, it surely beats my dusty old apartment. I stood waiting for John near his shiny convertible ,a beautiful red MX-5 Miata with 2.0L engine power. As I waited near his magnificient beauty his mother spotted me through one of the thick glass windows on the ground floor of the two story house drinking her usual morning coffee, I waved to her signally to call John down before he gets us late again. At that moment the front door swung open revelaing a very happy and jolly John, he was wearing his signature school jacket with our mascot 'Wonder Wolves' printed at the back and his skinny blue knee ripped jeans ,which often makes me wonder to they come pre-ripped or does he rip them himself. As he hopped down the steps he joyfully said " hey Annie , guess who got nominated for prom king again that's right, yours truly" he gestured to himself with pride, I tried to give him an enthusiastic smile back but it was really hard to do since I despise prom, it's just a imprudent excuse for popular students to raise their level of popularity than they already have and for the normal students to feel even more insecure than they normally feel ,I just don't understand the whole point of having such a ridiculous event in the first place ,which is why I have never attended a single one of them and not because I don't have a date, which I never do, but because I don't have that much time and money to waste on such senseless high school events.

John dumped his bag on the back seat and jumped into the caras I followed suit, he roared the engine to life and began to reverse the car from the drive way when his mom called out to him "drive safely! And remember be back home by 8:00 you do remember that the guest is coming today don't you?

John yelled back to her as he entered the street "sure mom I remember don't worry I'll be home on time"

As he started driving I asked him which guest his mom was talking about and he told me his cousin who is a year ahead of us was coming over for a visit, he also mentioned that if I wanted to I could come over to his house for dinner I could to which I gratefully agreed .

I always try to find some excuse for not being at home during dinner because that's when mom comes home drunk from her bartending job and since it's Monday she would often come home with a stranger , which is a sight I would rather not see. On the way to school I couldn't help thinking about that abnormally strange dream I had, I personally have been having the same dream since dad died but this time it was a bit different, generally in my dream all I see is me running from a monster which I have never seen before because I'm always to afraid to look back but this time there was a light what was behind that light? Why was it there? "So I thought that that would be the best way in order to get more voters don't you think? Hey, Annie! You listening" my train of thought was then interupted by John who had been trying to get my attention. Aware of my lack of attention he then asked "Hey, Ann what's up? You seem a bit out of it today, does this have anything to do with the dream you have been having?", I didn't reply to the question but looked at him with a depressed and an agreeing look "I thought so I don't get why don't you go see a therapist or something I mean you've been having same dream ever since Mr. Martin died don't you think you need some professional help now?" John advised. John's always trying to persuade me to go visit a therapist but I have told him a million times it's never going to happen "look John I'm no psycho case alright, I don't need any stranger hearing about my problems and besides I don't have the time or money to waste." I reasoned, but he wasn't going to give it up; the argument went on till we reached school .

We arrived at the school's parking lot through the school's rusty old gate, which has the schools founder (David William)'s initials in graved on it.

Our school's very ancient. It's been here since I was a little kid, this is also the place where mom and dad first met, so it has sentimental value but that wasn't the only reason I chose to attend this school. A few years ago I met someone here….someone special at this very place, I was young at the time but I still remember it till the tiniest detail. A few years ago I was trying to catch a peek inside the school so I could check out the place where dad first proposed to mom or as my mom described it as 'the most magical place in the world'. My plan was to jump over the school walls during school hours since there was a guard standing at the front gate 24/7. Unfortunately as I was climbing up the wall I slipped and was about come crashing down on the solid brick pavement, but all of a sudden out of nowhere someone one caught me at the nick of time. When I slowly opened my eyes to see if I were still alive, there he was staring right at me with concern in his crystal blue eyes. It was a little boy about my age or maybe a bit older; he carefully put me on my feet and asked worriedly "are you alright?" ,I dusted my skirt down and replied with a smile "yes, thank you so much" the boy then looked up at the wall and said "were you trying to get yourself hurt or something, I mean what were you doing up there?" the cautious look in his eyes instantly made me put my head in shame and embarassment, "I…..I was just…trying to get over that wall (gesturing to the wall)" I stuttered

He stood there for a moment and soon after began laughing his head off "seriously…. you should already know this but…. it's impossible for anyone our age to get over that gigantic 8 foot wall…." He said between breathes, as he tried to continue his statement I felt my blood boil from anger, I interupted him and screamed"well, nothing is impossible alright so if you don't mind…" I turned giving him the cold shoulder and began heading up the wall again but when I did he grabed my arm and said"wait! Wait! I didn't mean it like that I meant to say that anyone our age can't climb that wall 'alone' so...why don't you get up on my shoulders and then try climbing it?".

I felt very light-hearted after hearing that so I smiled gratefully, thanked him and climbed up onto his shoulders. As soon as I reached the top of the wall, I stretched down my hands and invited him to join me; he agreed and held a tight grip over my hand while I pulled him up. When we reached the other side we both were absolutely stunned and completely speechless, we both gasped in awe, it was so humongous and so marvelous just as my mom described it as. To our luck we reached the exact spot where dad first asked mom to be his girlfriend, it was in the school's magnificent flower garden where exotic plants and large trees bloom, me and the boy sat down on one of the benches and were just admiring the beauty when he turned to me and said "when I grow up I am going to attend this school and this will be the place where I will first meet my 'Destined One'"

I looked back at him baffled and asked " "Destined One'?"

"the person I am destined to be with you know my lover" he answered "the person who will always be by your side and will never leave you, the person who you would spend your entire life with, and the most amazing part will be that when you find that special 'someone' your heart will just burst with ebullience and a river of rainbows will flow through your entire body".

I thought about what he for a while before mumbling "hmmm… Destined One…huh".

We sat there talking and laughing for an hour but unfortunately soon realized the school bell was going to ring in a few seconds so we both had to jump back over the wall and had to say our goodbyes "well, I guess this is goodbye then" he said sounding upset, but he wasn't alone on that one I was also feeling very devastated "yeah…but don't worry we'll see each other again soon right?"

His face instantly lite up at my statement and he answered "yes of course we will, so this isn't goodbye instead I will say 'see you later'" , I smiled also saying the same and went my own way as we both turned opposite diections and oarted ways, but all of a sudden I remembered "Oh no I forgot to ask his name!" I turned around as fast as I could but it was too late he had already walked away.

After that incident I never saw him again and that's why I even joined this school so I would have a chance to meet him again but so far I have been unsuccessful. But there is also a possibility that I already met him but didn't recognize him but I have a feeling that I will know if I ever came across him again.

As we entered the school's parking lot we parked at our usual spot. Since John's the captain of the football team he gets a lot of respect from the students as well as the teachers, so he has his own personal parking spot which makes parking much more easier, since our school has a really small parking space and most of it is reserved for faculty and staff so most kids have to park outside of school perimeters.

As soon as John stepped out of the car he was ambushed by a swarm of girls, all either congratulating him on his nomination or just trying to be flirtatious. The bell was about to ring so I just told him I'll meet him in class as he wasn't going to be able to get rid of the the people so easily.

I ran to my classroom and made it just in time, Mr. Ferry (our homeroom teacher) arrived seconds later, I sat down on my seat which is located in the second row near our class window. While Mr. Ferry was busy setting up his desk for class, I noticed John silently pushed open the door and entering the class, as soon as he did he put his knees on the ground and started crawling his way through the classroom, his seat was right behind mine. As he slowly crawled his way to his seat Mr. Ferry (eyes still down on his desk) said "I'm glad you decided to join us Mr. Wortin" Wortin was John's sir name, most teachers in school address us by our sir names especially when we get into trouble.

On hearing his name, John immediately stood up and jumped to his seat and acted relaxed like he was there all along and what he said next really made the whole class burst out laughing "I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about sir" ,after that remark Mr. Ferry stared at him for a while and then started walking straight towards his desk there was silence in the classroom everyone watched as sir was slowly moved towards him, he had this angry look on his face, the suspense was epic ,when he finally reached his desk , instead of stopping and scolding him(like most teachers would) he just passed by him which puzzled everyone what is he doing? , he bend down on the ground and picked up something then he came back to John's desk and said "You dropped this while you were crawling in to class, you can have it back at the end of the day" sir had a phone in his hands, John gasped and instantly checked his pockets, when he realized the phone was missing he looked at Mr. Ferry with an angel-like look in his eyes . This made the class laugh even harder.

Mr. Ferry is one of my favorite teachers he is of those humorous type teachers who believe in really connecting with the students. He always cracks jokes in the class but in times when he is required to, he gets strict. Mr. Ferry is quiet an handsome man, girls would have crushes on him but since he wears a wedding ring on his finger they just turn away, to tell you the truth no one has ever actually seen his wife which is strange because everyone knows about everyone in this town, word spreads out astonishingly fast around here.

After class me and John headed down the breezeway which connects the senior building and the junior building and that's where everyone's lockers are present, as we did I asked John more about this cousin of his, he said his cousin attends the dadremont college it is very well-known in our area, it is famous for its high standards of education and for producing highest achievers in the country, its every person's dream to go there but unfortunately they only select the best of the best. "Wow, that must mean he's a downright genius, are you sure you two are related?" I asked playfully

"Hey watch it! it's not easy to live under the shadow of someone like him" John replied defensively " any way he's not only smart but he's also an amazing athlete he runs track, plays soccer, tennis, badminton and oh yeah even football and is quiet popular with the ladies just like me"

I can now say that I am officially impressed, who knew that someone you have never met could sound so perfect.