Idiots on the loose Ep. 1: Ben

[Ben is at his first interview, at his favorite fast food place.]

Interviewer: Hello, Ben…Dover… *smirks*

Ben: Yeah…I get looks like that all the time.

Interviewer: How did you end up with a name like that?

Ben: Well… from what my Dad tells me, my mom didn't know she was pregnant and dad and mom were fooling around and Dad told her to bend over for some reason and once she did that, I came.

Interviewer: ….Uh, well then, thanks for that…weird image.

Ben: There's a video of me coming into this world when it happened want to see it sometime?

Interviewer: No…thanks, I'll pass… so what makes you want to join this fast food place?

Ben: Well, I like food, I enjoy food. I like food so much, I would marry it and have Frosty ice cream babies if I could, but that's for another time. Anyways, I need this job, and fast food to me would seem like my cup of tea.

Interviewer: Alright. Uh, What do you have to offer?

Ben: This is an interview for Burger way right?

Interviewer: Yes it is.

Ben: Okay good. Last time someone said what do you have to offer I was at the wrong interview. I somehow ended up at a strip club and had to tell the person I am a male, I don't really have any goodies to offer, if you know what I mean.

Interviewer: Wow, okay then. I didn't need to know that, back to the question. What do you have to offer?

Ben: My great personality and my dedication. I'm a hard worker and I'll work my butt off or my name isn't Ben Dover!

Interviewer: Why do I have the feeling I'm being pranked ?

Ben: Can I please have this job please? Please!

Interviewer: Okay, Okay. I'll give you a chance, mostly because I feel sorry for you to have that kind of name. And you kept me somewhat entertained. You start first thing, tomorrow.

Ben: Yeah! Look our world! Ben Dover is coming your way! *Runs out the door*

Interviewer: *Sighs* What have I gotten myself into….