What would you do?

Ben: Hank, it is such a nice day out and there is nothing to do.

Hank: We can play what would you do

Ben: What if what?

Hank: I'll start. What if we changed genders?

Ben: My mom tried that once, she wanted to be half man, half women. But the other half wasn't working out.

Hank: Well, what would you do if you were a girl?

Ben: What would I do? *blushes* tehe Uh, what would you do?

Hank: I would speed while driving, so next time when a cop pulls me over I'll be able to get out of a ticket.

Ben: Okay, my turn, what would you do if you turned into a dog?

Hank: hump a girl's leg

Ben: Wow, did not see that coming.

Hank: Why what would you do?

Ben: I would lick my own butt

Hank: Oh, yeah. That would be pretty cool. Forget what I said.

Ben: What would you do if you were on fire?

Hank: Well, that is a very good question but I would have to sing Alice Key's song this girl is on fire, but instead I'll make my own version… I'm Hank and I'm flaming! I'm Hank and I'm on fire!

Ben: Doesn't flaming mean you're gay?

Hank: What no? I never heard of that

Ben: You just called yourself gay..

Hank: How is Flaming gay? If someone was flaming that's pretty badass.

Ben: How?

Hank: Uh duh! They'll be on fire. That's badass.

Ben: I guess you have a good point.

Hank: why are you a hater?

Ben: No.

Hank: liar!

Ben: I am not! My best friend is gay!

Hank: What?! Best friend? Who is this best friend I thought I was your best friend.

Ben: you are but I do have others

Hank: *Gasp* you monster!

Ben: No, No. Hank!

*Hank walks away crying*

Ben: Hank! You're my first

Hank: *sniffs* really?

Ben: Yes. You'll always be my first

Hank: Can I be your last too?

Ben: Yes. Beginning and End.

Hank: Hug?

*Ben and Hank bear hug*

*walking home*

Ben: Come on. Let's go to my house and we can go into our footie pajamas and watch scary movies.

Hank: Yay!