Announcer: Standing with arms crossed in center of stage, wearing a scarf around neck.

Haven't you always wanted a quick way to get rich? Well! Do we have a solution for you! We created the Le Sac de Riche for your own convenient use!

Model: Holds up purse in ridiculous poses behind the announcer.

Announcer: With this new state of the art printer, which is disguised to look like a purse so you can cheat the government, you can now buy virtually anything you want. Take a look at this happy customer. Announcer points to customer behind them.

Arrogant shopper: points at everything. I want everything here. Ah, including this! Grabs announcer's scarf.

Announcer: Yeah that, however, is not for sale.

Arrogant shopper: Oh yeah? Say that to my money, son. Reach into purse and throws money into the air.

Announcer: We'll even deliver it to you in a dark alley!

Thief: Walks through dark alleyway and hands announcer the purse.

Announcer: See! it's just that easy!

Government Official: Excuse me, i'm a government official, and i've been in this commercial the entire time.

Announcer: And if you call in the next ten minutes we will throw in a free tazzer, so you can handle yourself in situations like this. Zaps Government Official.

Government Official: Lays on the ground.

Announcer: Call 1-800-cheat-the-government for additional information today! That's 1-800-cheat-the-government. All Procedes go to starving babies in Africa. Buy a Le Sac de Riche today! We're helping out, because innocent babies are dying. Steal from our government to help theirs.