Guardians of the Realms: The Awakening

The Amulets… Thousands of years in the past, sixteen gods that ruled over the realms made a sacrifice in order to save everything in existence. But before they did so, they created four amulets, imbued with their powers, amulets that were destined to be worn by future guardians – warriors destined to protect the realms should any harm fall upon them. Now, the amulets have been found, and a threat has come to earth.

The Queen… Serena, the first Queen of Earth, after being imprisoned for thousands of years, has returned and she wants her throne back. But her powers and youth have been drained and there is only one thing that can bring her victory: The Oracle's Journal, a book with the most powerful spells in existence.

The Spirits… In order to defeat this enemy, the guardians will need to utilise the full power of the amulets. They will need to learn to Spirit Morph: the ability to release the spirits trapped within the amulets and transform into one of the sixteen gods. But this power is not as easy to tap into as it seems. And like all great powers, these transformations may come with a price…

Part 1: The Amulets of the Spirits

Prologue: The Decision

"I do not agree with that plan."

It was Volcanus who showed resistance to the last line of defence the sixteen gods had. The Chaos was rising and they had met in this chamber to discuss what they could do to protect the worlds from an unstoppable evil, an evil that was as old as they were.

The room was round and concrete, with no windows or doors. The ceiling was open – except for a rim – and the moon seemed to be the only source of light. The rim, which seemed to border the opening, covered the space under it with darkness. And this was where the Gods stood, covered in shadows as they planned their next move.

"It is the only way, Volcanus." It was Agnitia who replied; the one who had suggested the plan.

"No!" Volcanus objected, his area lighting up as fire surrounded the flame god. "It is too risky. And even if it was not, even if the plan worked, who is to say that Chaos will never return. Use your powers, Agnitia. Look into the future and tell us. Can you see if he will return?"

Agnitia sighed. "No. I cannot see that in the future. I am unsure. But I can tell you that my plan will work. And maybe that is all we need."

"I agree with Volcanus," Aquator, the water god, added his opinion. It was very rare to see such a thing, the gods of fire and water agreeing. But when the entirety of existence lay in the balance, anything was possible.

"I will do it," Aquator continued, "but we need to be sure our worlds are safe when we are gone."

"I thought you might say that," Agnitia frowned, though no one could see it. "Agita."

With a wave of her hand, Agita caused four bright purple flashes in the middle of the room and as they died out, four amulets stood in their place. Four golden chains connected to four golden circles, each with clear gems inserted into them. The amulets that Agnitia had slaved over to perfect them. The Amulets of the Spirits.

"What are these Agnitia?" Tempus was the one to speak this time.

"These are The Amulets of the Spirits," Agnitia began to explain. "We will hide these here, buried in this chamber and imbued with our powers. They will possess a part of our spirits, so that if, or when, the time arises, many years from now, they will be found and used to protect the worlds from whatever force threatens them. Destiny will make sure of that. All who agree, say I."

Volcanus thought for a while. He was unsure. But what choice did he have? If they did agree to this plan, then there would be a chance that their worlds would fall to an enemy in the future. However, if they did not take action now, there would no longer be any worlds to fall.


Aquator was next. "I."

Tempus followed. "I."

And so did Agita. "I."

And as these five gods did, the eleven remaining gods did the same. It was settled. And with that, they raised their arms, releasing streams of energy that illuminated everything. The room was soon filled with colour – blue, red, purple, gold, green – and the streams of power, which danced around the room, looking for their destination, could be felt by the soldiers of the gods miles away. In fact, if their followers did not know of the grave severity of the meeting, they would have assumed the gods were celebrating. But if someone were to look upon their faces, they would see that no such thing was happening. They would see dread, anger, pain, sadness, all the emotion brought on by war… by death.

Finally, after circling the room, one by one the streams began to enter the four amulets. The bright glows died down, darkening the room once more, and it was done. The Amulets now held a piece of each god, a piece of the sixteen elements.

And then they took off, ready to fight their final fight. And there, in the chamber, left on four pedestals, were the four amulets which were meant for the future. Destined to be used by those worthy to activate them. Used to fight the forces of evil and protect the worlds. That was their purpose. And exactly one-hundred-thousand years later, they were activated for that exact reason. Ten years later they were hidden again. And twelve years after that, they were found once more...