A/N: So I had a go at writing a poem... And this is what happened.I hope you enjoy!

Angel of the Night

I see your figure wandering
around the garden of the night.
Your skin glows with a pale
blue, giving an eerie light.
Your silver hair shimmers
in the faint light of the moon.
Don't fret, my sweet as
we shall be together soon.

I see your many burdens chained
around your emaciated waist,
pulling tightly on your garments
that are intricately laced.
Nobody else sees the beauty
underneath that ghostly frown.
They just see the ring of thorns
laid precariously on your crown.

I take the blade in hand
and lay it to my throat.
A flash of silver is all it takes
and my soul begins to float.
I meet you in the garden
and I stroke your face with care,
but you do not want to see me
as your eyes just sing despair.

I died for you, my sweet
for every passing hour,
I longed to see the face
of my beautiful, decaying flower.
My heart is no longer broken,
for you have saved my life.
We can stay like this forever,
my sharp and silver knife.

A/N: I feel almost self-concious about poem-writing. It's an embarassing subect for me. I don't know why. And yes, this is writeen from a mans perspective.
My friends though it was weird that I was writing from the other gender's perspective, but you've gotta live on the edge somtimes.
I hope you enjoyed it, please review, it really makes my day. (Obviously unless they are hate comments...)