The coinceidence
by ohfan007
"She thought it was inconceivable. She should have known better. Yes, Mrs.

Cantoni she is fine. Well as fine as one can be after being mugged....No ma'am

she hasn't told me anything. When she came up to the apartment she said it was

imperative she talk to you first and then she had to report it to the police....

Yes, Mrs. Cantoni, here she is." Lucille hands the phone to her friend Madeline.

"Hello Mum." Madeline begins to nervously play with a strand of black hair

that has fallen into her face. She listens as her mother rants. "Yes, Mum I am

on my way home." She groans softly, where her mother cannot hear.

Madeline hangs up the shiny silver phone. " I have to go. I will talk to

you later. I need to report this A. S. A. P. to the fuzz, and you know Mum is a

talker and it will take me some time to reason with her and prove to her I am


"You're not fine, though. Are you?"

"Lucille, I am not, but you know how Mum is."

Lucille nods.

Madeline hurries out.

A few minutes later, Madeline is at her mother's house. She opens the

bright green door cautiously. " Mum! Mum! Are you home?" She takes off her

soft, blue coat and closes the door.

Martha, her mother, rushes out of the kitchen, pins flying out of the neat

bun she always

keeps her long gray hair in. She runs up and hugs her daughter "My poor baby. Are you alright?"

"Oh, course, Mum."

"Come into the kitchen, we'll have a nice cup of cocoa and you will tell me

all about it."

Madeline nods, knowing nothing can be done to get out of it. They

head towards the small, intimate kitchen and Martha motions for Madeline to

have a seat on one of the pink wooden chairs. Madeline sits reluctantly.

"Mum, it was nothing this guy came out of nowhere and demanded I hand over

my bag. That was it."

Martha puts the tea kettle filled with water on the stove. "Dear, it had to

have been more than that. What did this fiend look like? Was he scary?" She sits

down in the other chair and listens intently to her daughter and to the tea

kettle to hear its whistle.

"No, actually he looked very scared. He was very short and almost

dapper. It was actually very humorous. The only reason I believe I gave him the

money is I had a feeling he desperately needed it. He even apologized when he

pushed me to the ground."

"That doesn't sound that bad. Almost like a charity thing." Martha wonders

if this is the truth. It seems too bizarre. "Are you sure dear?"

"Yes, Mum, I am very sure." Madeline gives her a fake smile that Martha

takes as genuine. The kettle whistles.

"Have you reported this to the police?" Martha gets up to remove the kettle

from the stove to the counter. She pulls down two mugs and a box of cocoa

setting them on the counter as well. She opens a drawer and pulls out a

teaspoon and proceeds to put cocoa in the mugs.

"No, I haven't yet."

"Well, you should go then, you know how those Coppers get."

"Alright, Mum." She kisses her Mother's cheek and then heads out.

Madeline heads to the police station on foot. Halfway there, she sees her

boyfriend walking toward Darbie's Market which is near her house.

"Maddie!" he exclaims as he runs across the street, when he sees her,

almost getting hit by a car.

"Dickie!" they hug and exchange a quick kiss.

"What's wrong, Maddie. You look like something terrible happened."

"I was mugged, today, Darling."

He takes her in an embrace, almost swinging her off the ground. "Oh, my

poor sweetheart! Tell me what happened." His white, square hat falls to the

ground. He bends down to pick it up.

"It was strange. I shall start from the beginning. I was walking to

Lucille's from work. We were going to start working on that project for the

Community College. I started daydreaming of the last time we went sailing.

He gives her a tentative smile, to show he remembers the time, but would

like her to continue.

"All of a sudden, this short man came up to me. He had a handgun pointed

towards me. He asked me to give him 'All of my money.' I told him 'I didn't have

much.' He said 'I am sorry for doing this.' then he knocked me to the ground,

took my purse, and ran away."

"My poor baby!" He wraps his left arm around her, and she can feel his

entire, lean frame against her in comfort. She smiles up at him.

"It's okay, Love. I did not have any identification -or- anything else on

me. It was Sherry's black purse and I did leave her library card in it and five


He nods. "Okay. It's good you are fine."

"Yes, I am fine. I have to go, love, I will see you later though. I have to

go talk to the police. So, she doesn't get mad. "

He smiles, " I know how Sherry gets. She is crazy. She should have never

asked you to hold on to and use her card to get the books for her project while

she is out of town."

She laughs.

"You will call me later, right, Maddie."

"Yes, I will."

They head their separate ways after they share another kiss.
A few minutes later, she is at the small, police station. A young woman,

with her hair in a bun, green eyes, and a bored expression, turns around

when she rings the bell.

"I was mugged. I'd like to file a report for a mugging."

The young woman brightens up. "Really?"

"Yes, are you the person I need to see to file a report?"

"Actually, I am!" The young woman looks around her cluttered desk and

finds a blank form. She hands it to Madeline.

"Do you have a pen?"

"Let me check." She searches through the piles of paper on the desk and

finally pulls up a blue pin, as several sheets of paper fall on the floor.

"Thank you." Madeline says, taking the pen, and beginning to fill out the


"What happened?" The young lady, asks out of curiosity, and not policely


"This short man came up to me, and he asked if I had any money. He only had

a small gun. It was actually humorous." Madeline looks up for a second while

she fills the papers out.

"Really, that does sound funny. What did the man look like?"

"He was about three inches shorter than me, so he was probably about 4'11".

He had short brown hair, just above his ears, and blue eyes that were a little

too close to his nose.

"That's interesting! You are writing that on the report, right?"

"I was a little more descriptive than that. You see it wasn't my purse it was

my friend's and she is very protective of her property. If, I don't make it look

like I try; and get her library card, and five pounds back, and her little black

purse she will have a fit." Madeline finished with the report, hands the report

to the woman, with the pen, and heads out the door.

"Thanks." The police officer calls.

Madeline knocks on Lucille's door.

"Just a second." Lucille opens the door. "Maddie, you're back." They


Lucille moves away from the door, so Madeline can come in. "You'll never guess

who's here!" Lucille whispers in her ear.

"Is it Peter, the therapist, that you have been dating."

Lucille smiles evilly, "As a matter of fact, it is."

"So, what do I win for guessing correct?"

"You get to tell me all about the mugging!"

They walk towards the small, red chaise and sit. "It was actually very

humorous. I was daydreaming about Dickie, and this little dapper man walked up

to me." Madeline stops for a second as she hears someone come in.

"Hello, Peter. This is Maddie." Lucille says.

"Hi." She hears a voice say. Madeline nods in his direction, not really

looking at him.

"Do continue! Peter may like to hear, also." Lucille smiles coyly at Peter

behind her.

"What is the story about?" Peter asks.

"Maddie was mugged today. " Lucille turns to Madeline, "Do go on. It was

humorous, you were daydreaming of Dickie and..."

"This short, dapper, little man walked up. He asked me for my money. I

told him I only had very little and it would not profit him any. I had Sherry's

little purse and only had five pounds, and her library card on me. He

apologized. Then he pushed me to the ground and took the purse."

Lucille laughs airily. "It does sound funny."

Peter moves in front of them "Really?"

Madeline begins to laugh. "It's you."

Peter pales. "Yes, I admit it was me. I do not appreciate you laughing at

my expense."

Lucille freezes. "Why would you mug her, Love?"

"I am a Kleptomaniac. I have been for years. None of my colleagues will help

cure me. I do not know how to cure myself. I am sorry. I have your friend's

little purse in my briefcase." Peter runs to get a black briefcase. He opens it

and pulls out the purse Madeline was watching for Sherry. "You can have it back.

I am so sorry!"

Madeline takes back the purse. "That's okay. We all have vices, we do not

like. I am sorry for laughing, but you must admit it was funny."

Peter nods. "Yes, I suppose it was."

They all share a laugh. Then Madeline heads out to go call Dickie.