by ohfan007
On July sixteenth, after being lost in space for three weeks, the crew of the Soviet based Kremlin, ran out of gas, and crashes into an unknown planet.
Lesko, the navigator, is the first to venture out. Having spent years memorizing facts about all charted planets, he wants to see which planet this is.
Vodka, the captain, steps out next. " Minnow, get out here! Bring Schelles with you!"
The doctor trudges out with the first officer.
"What planet is this?" Minnow glances around at the lush surroundings.
"We aren't sure, Doc," Schelles tells him.
"Did either of you ask to speak?" Vodka snaps at them, his first turning bright red.
"Captain Vodka, this isn't the military anymore. We are hired by the Schnapps Society and the military doesn't exist anymore."
"Look, I was here when the world united into the planet Russia. I remember when the military was everything until this ignorant Lenore Leviwitz took control and abolished the military. Though it is gone, this mission still needs order! Especially now!" The temperamental captain steps into the doctor's face.
Minnow steps calmly back. "You are the leader,but we are civilians now, and no need for screaming is necessary."
Schelles laughs, haven seen similar scenes numerous times before.
The captain lets out a frantic scream, "Argh!" He races back into the spaceship. Minnow gives Schelles an amused smile.
Schelles smiles back, "Why don't you say we go find some food, and get some exploring done in while we are at it?"
"Sounds like a good idea."

Meanwhile, Lesko has come to a magnificent, blue waterfall.
"We must be at Zyloc!" He shouts joyfully. He approaches. The waterfall metamorphoses into a deep amber color.
"Huh?...Zyloc's waterfalls do not change colors." He begins reciting a string of Russian curse words, as he remembers they passed Zyloc two days before, and had refueled on one of its moons.
A rustle in the bushes nearby makes him spin on his heel. He pulls his laser beam from his boot.
A bright green flashlight shines in his face. Lesko puts his laser beam away.
"Hello, What's with you, Comrade, pulling a weapon on us?" Minnow steps out of the brush with Schelles. He folds the flashlight closed and puts it in the leather pouch by his side.
"I did not know who it was 'till you blinded with that stupid flashlight,...Comrades."
"No need for sarcasm."
"Lighten up, Les." Schelles gently punches Lesko's arm.
"Hey, Schek, come check this out." Minnow's gaze is at the waterfall, which is changing into a greenish color that matches the foliage around them.
Schelles watches for a minute, it changes to orange. He listens to the sound of the waterfall. "Wow, that's pleasant. I have never seen anything so majestic!"
As they watch a giant, neon blue fish soars out of the water. "Welcome to my kingdom!" His mighty tail waves toward them. They duck out of the way. "why are you spies here, do you work for Kingly. If you do, you must leave!" His tail waves toward them again, almost hitting Lesko in the face.
"Who is Kingly?"
"You liars, you know who Kingly is! You must leave this place now!"
"What is he talking about?" Schelles whispers to Minnow.
"I don't know, Old Friend!"
The fish hearing them yells, "Dare you mock me!" He sway his tail towars them. He hits Lesko this time. He brings his tail back. "Wait you don't know, Kingly."
Lesko gets up slowly, rubbing his head. "No we don't"
Minnow glances at Lesko, he doesn't appear hurt, so Minnow stays where he is.
The fish disappers. He leaves a shimmering trail of water.
Lesko brushes off. "I am not hurt, so do not touch me!"
Minnow backs away from him, "Okay! I saw that. I m not going to touch you."
Schelles snickers.
Lesko takes off.
"He is such a weirdo," Schelles laughs.
"I know what you mean. Let's go look for that food." They head off into a forest. They came across a yellow rabbit sitting near a tree.
"Do you work for Kingly?" He asks as he lights a green carrot and takes a puff.
"No, and smoking is a bad habit," Minnow warns.
"Who said I was smoking."
All of a sudden, a loud earthquake rumbles through the planet. The crewmates of the Kremlin falls deep into the surface. The rabbit hops to the waterfall. "Hey, Kingly, what is the count now?"
The fish jumps out of the water. "Three hundred and fifty! We need only one hundred slaves and we can build the casino. Turn on the gravitational pull. I feel another ship is on its way."
"Gladly!" the rabbit hops to a switch and hits it. The landscape changes, as well as he. He is now a blue deer and Kingly is an octopus.
"It came out cool, this time, it almost looks like as the planet called Earth."