The shadow
By ohfan007
After years of not letting anyone in his room, Jeremiah opens the door. His sister, Amelia, at first is shocked, but was brave enough to come to the door and knock.

"Please venture past the beads," Jeremiah calls.
Amelia looks at the opening, not having noticed the strings of multi-colored beads that formed a curtain over the doorway. She pushes them back, but a fear overcomes her and she runs away from his room.
Jeremiah peeks his head out of the curtains after a few minutes, and shrugs.
A few minutes later, his brother, Justin, decides to investigate Jeremiah's room. He feels he is braver than his sister and will not chicken out. He knocks on the door.
"Please venture past the beads," Jeremiah calls.

Justin walks inside. "So, Little brother we are finally able to see your room." Justin says before looking at the surroundings.
"You didn't knock before did you? I guess not. I didn't let you see it because it was a mess, it is all better now, my friend the interior designer helped me decorate it from that dull gray it was when we moved in three years ago. It took a long time but it was worth it." Jeremiah appears not to take a breath as he say this all.
Justin glances around. "Its beautiful." He wishes he had thought of redecorating his room to something like this manor suite of blues, greens, and whites. It was gorgeous and did not seem to match the rest of the house. Everything matched, including the yellow lava lamp that was on Jeremiah's well organized desk which was just to the right of the door.
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys before. I am really sorry."

Justin smiles at his brother, whom sits cross-legged on his bed, his brown hair falling in his face a little. " You should have told us, dear brother, so we could have a house that matched your room."
Jeremiah laughs. " I'm sorry. I just couldn't stand the walls they look like a padded cell. We probably should do the house though it is a mess. I can't believe we have lived here three years and haven't fixed it. We probably should. Then we could invite more people over, and maybe have parties."
"Like we did in the old house? I don't think so. I think there was a reason Dad hasn't fixed up the house. He hasn't been the same since Mom died."
"It's time for you to get ready to go to the bakery for your shift." Jeremiah states.
"Is it?" Justin goes to look at his watch, it begins to beep." I guess so."
Justin leaves and Jeremiah is left alone.
A figure steps out of the shadows. "Did you have to open the door." The door closes.
"I wanted it open." Jeremiah frowns, he is intimidated by the figure.
"Jeremiah! My dear servant. That was not the correct answer. You know I hate the door open." The figure moves closer to the boy. His black silhouette and frame looking darker than usual.
Jeremiah frowns deeper. "I'm sorry, Master."
"Do not worry my son. You shall receive your punishment in due time. Be advised it will be severe." The shadowy figure smiles.
Jeremiah winces.
"Please Master. I am truly sorry." The boy reaches behind his back in a swift motion that the shadow doesn't notice. He grips the small cross tightly.
The shadow moves toward him. His ghostly white teeth glisten in the rosy light of the room. The shadow watches his servant crucially. "I am not a vampire, Jeremiah, that cross has no use against me."
"Who said I was going to use against you Master." Jeremiah fakes a smile.
"What is it for, then?"
"My own protection." Jeremiah answers innocently.
"Sure, it is ; and I am an evil being." The shadow's smile broadens.
Jeremiah looks at him suspiciously. Then, someone knocks on the door.
"Jeremiah, It's me, Amelia. Can I come in?"
"No." the shadow screams.
"Come in." Jeremiah smiles.
"You have disobeyed me for the last time."
The shadow is silenced by the door opening. "Hi, Jeremiah. How are you?"
"I am good. What do you think of my room? Do you like how I had it decorated? It took years but it was finally finished today."
Amelia glances around the room. "Actually, I love it. It looks so nice. "
The shadow retreats into the corner. He frowns bitterly. He doesn't notice it at first but soon he begins to shrink into the wall. A few seconds later, he was gone from Jeremiah's room forever, off to find some other poor soul to enslave.
Jeremiah, and his family, eventually had the whole house redecorated and began to do normal things, like they had done three years before they moved into the house, when Jeremiah's mother was alive. The end (-or- is it?)